Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In The Night I Traveled North To Harbin

In the night I traveled north to Harbin

In the night,
I traveled north
to Harbin,
to Harbin.

Crescent moon,
starry night,
I traveled along
a new way,
from Canyon,
to Harbin.

Redwood tunnels,
now misty night,
the road opens,
from Canyon,
to Harbin.

Come now,
and explore
the place
which is Harbin,
oh, Harbin.

It's freeing here ~
such beauty, too ~
in the waters,
at Harbin,
oh, Harbin.

Take off your clothes,
and come in the water
in the warm pool, ~
feel the warmth
in the heart pool,
at Harbin,
oh, Harbin.

Be with these folks ~
these hippies,
these brothers
and sisters,
these children
of hippies,
these flower~loving beings ~
who cuddle,
and snuggle,
in the water,
at Harbin, ~
be, at Harbin.

Into the hot pool,
now slow,
so slow ~
for, from
the whale's mouth
flow waters hot
at Harbin,
from Harbin.

The woman's bust,
that sculpture
above the whale's
water spout,
sprouting forth
fresh flowers
from her head,
inspires, ~
earth's fires,
~ the water
is hot!

Too hot, too hot, ~
to the cold pool,
to plunge,
amidst forest
and flowers
all around,
in the water, ~
to tingle,
oh, mingle.

MMmmm ...

Now back to
the warm pool,
to your love,
to cuddle,
with your love,
and snuggle,
at Harbin,
yes, Harbin.

What emerges
from our
is bliss ~
oh, bliss ~
bringing us
close, together,
oh, gather

Welcome, bliss,
as you come,
when you come, ~
that neurophysiology ~
this lovely
in our bodies,
oh, our bodies.

To the tent now,
to our tent,
to live love,
to touch ease, ~
to kiss and to hug,
to make love,
together, ~
to our tent, now,
at Harbin,
be, at Harbin.

To our tent, love, ~
To love ...


( - December 31, 2008)

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