Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cordyceps: In what ways might we listen to music, etc., and experience changes in bodymind neurophysiology to elicit loving bliss?

In what ways might we listen to music, see something beautiful, etc., and experience these, such that, with awareness, our own bodymind's neurophysiology changes, and so that we might also elicit qualities of loving bliss, for example?

What 'inputs' (I hypothesize sometimes that our bodyminds are input/output systems, just as computers are input / output systems which run programs) and what kinds of awareness, can get us there {to qualities of the neurophysiology of loving bliss} as individuals?

I find the relaxation response {} helps release me in ways that sometimes opens possibilities for receptivity to such loving bliss neurophysiology, which occasionally bubbles up. I'm looking for, but haven't found the metaphorical 'cello bow stroke' to elicit loving bliss, when and as one wants these qualities, as a focus of inquiry, about which I'm interested in coming into conversation.

How might one do this as an individual in the context of evolutionary biology, and by thinking through various approaches.

Here's one approach:


Exploring the above, what's the 'chamber music' of being in love?

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