Monday, August 23, 2010

Dove: How to weave nonharming, as principle & practice, deeply & richly into WUaS so that abundance, flourishing, goodness, skill & excellence emerge


How to weave nonharming, as principle & practice, deeply & richly into so that abundance & flourishing, goodness, skill & excellence can emerge in full measure & over millenia? The Peace & Social Justice Studies - - subject is one of many ways in this WUaS teaching & learning wiki ... and by conversing about these and everyone making WUaS together.

This will happen fulsomely when we all engage WUaS together in the fun ways that teaching & learning make possible, as well as invent new ways ...

Examples of societies where nonharming as principle obtains? There are many small groups - but here are some places and groups: south India & Hinduism (in general?), Society of Friends (Quakers), War Tax Resisters, historic Peace churches ...

The NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples ( and


And in the wild, among other (nonhuman) primates? Bonobo chimpanzees? (There are around 376 species of higher primates).

I sometimes wonder whether / hypothesize that all these human primate peace group orientations have emerged in response to something that is Pan troglodytes-ish (like Common chimpanzee behavior) in human behavior, as primatological (the science of studying higher primates) stories or narratives, in contrast to something that is Pan paniscus-ish (i.e. like Bonobo chimpanzee behavior - which are peaceable, compared with common chimps), also as primatological stories or narratives.

Here are more peace oriented groups: the Nobel Peace Prize community (1901), which is around 100 yrs old ... American Friends' Service Committee (1917) ...

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