Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Dolomites, Italy: Stanford's free, upcoming class on 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' (, Take to Teach? New WUaS AI Subject

This free, online, Stanford 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' course: -

is quite an opportunity ...

a solid, academic course, for credit, using current information technologies,

taught by Google's Director of Research

and a professor of computer science and artificial intelligence at Stanford

(http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Courses) :)


Wow. Nice.


I am so tempted!


... and with Stanford professors teaching - online for free ! :)


New, wiki, 'Artificial Intelligence' subject at WUaS -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Artificial_Intelligenc​e -

with this free, online, Stanford 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' course - - (and 3 others from MIT) ....


Added Stanford's free upcoming class

'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence'

and Harvard's Berkman Center's Tuesday Luncheons
(​vents, beginning 20 Sep 2011)

to World Univ & Sch's Google calendar, here -​/World-University-and-School -

and to WUaS's Individual course's here - :)


Think you might like to teach eventually at World University & School,

with great universities' ocw as an academic basis?

Taking, having fun with, and getting to know Stanford undergrads,

this upcoming, free, open 'Intro to Artificial Intelligence' - -

would open possibilities here -

which is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW - at WUaS.

This ai course is not only fascinating material,

pathbreaking for online education,

and a learning opportunity for professors-in-the-making,

it's also an historic class, teaching-wise at WUaS.

( - August 6, 2011)

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