Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico: Good, useful, free, web design resources, Abolish Nuclear, Use Virginia's recent earthquake as wake up+

Here's a lot of Free Educational Software - -

at WUaS,

in addition to these good, useful, free, web design resources - -

and -

at wiki, World University & School, to which you can further add, teach, learn and create.

Enjoy :)


Abolish Nuclear ...

use Virginia's recent earthquake as another wake up call - -

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant, in San Luis Obispo, in California,

was designed to withstand a 6.75 earthquake, redesigned for a 7.5,

and Fukushima was a 9.0.

Nuclear waste is a time bomb forever!

And a Fukushima-like earthquake and Nuclear catastrophe could ruin California, or anywhere, forever!


How many species on earth? ...

a new estimate ...

How Many Species on Earth? It's Tricky
Published: August 30, 2011 ...

I added this to WUAS here -

and my Friends' Dalton Letter Bibliography ...

the estimate is still pretty rough ...

there are a lot of species :)


Archaeological or anthropological researcher?

Check out, and add to, World Univ & Sch's wiki, Library Resources' subject -,

its page,

and its pages.

As you know, WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW. :)



Here's wiki, World University & School's 'Artificial Intelligence,'

subject page for open teaching, learning & programming -

Will look to add a new MIT A.I. Hall of Fame entries to this page.

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.

See the free, Stanford, 'Intro to A.I.' course here, beginning online this autumn.

( - August 24, 2011)

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