Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sagarmatha, Nepal: Cornel West, Dr. ML King, Jr., WUaS will help the POOR with free education, Jobs & Apples Steve Jobs at WUaS

Cornel West & Dr. MLK Jr. -

Martin Luther King Jr. Would Want a Revolution, Not a Memorial
(Cornel West - New York Times - August 26, 2011) -

WUaS will potentially help the poor,

blacks who are poor,

and the poor around the world,

with free education,

which we all create through wiki teaching & learning to each other.


Check out the Job Hunting pages Job Hunting pages in the Navigation sections of Subject pages -

at WUaS, too,

which will eventually have links to actual jobs,

I think.


Here's an article on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s. Memorial -

A Poll Tax by Another Name
(John Lewis - August 27, 2011) -

will look to add this to World Univ & Sch's MLK Jr.s wiki, subject page -,_Jr.

with an invitation to teach, learn & add resources


Online education article in the NY Times -

Online Enterprises Gain Foothold as Path to a College Degree
(TAMAR LEWIN - August 25, 2011) -

mentions only a few of the great things WUaS is doing and planning,

but still no mention of WUaS ...

Hmmm - how to change this?


Here's NYT's Tom Friedman's 'All Together Now' - -

World Univ & Sch will significantly contribute to an educational togetherness -

of a kind Apple's Steve Jobs would encourage ...


Steve Jobs's Stanford commencement informs WUaS ...

( - August 27, 2011)

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