Sunday, August 14, 2011

Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati: Is bicycle riding a good metaphor for talking about Musical Instrument Practicing, Daily PLAY, How?

Are bicycle riding,

and learning to ride a bicycle,

good metaphors for talking with kids about practicing a musical instrument -

e.g. 'just getting the hand movements into your bodymind, like riding a bicycle,'

(because kids want, and like, to learn to bicycle ride, and getting 'it'

is fun and clear change which is learned.

And is the 'PLAY' word, as in 'daily playing,' better language,

(as well as exploring practicing as play)

a sensible approach?

How best to play over 10 years, with music?

Parental guidance on piano improvisation (with radio) would be useful for kids.

How to make this easy here and helpful, here:,

for example?

This WU Music page -

already has some helpful, practicing references,

but I may start a wiki, subject page -

"Practicing a Musical Instrument" - soon :)

( - August 14, 2011)

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