Monday, July 2, 2012

I started piping for

I started piping for 

I started piping for 
that little gaff-rigged yacht, 
with brown foresail, 
and a greenhouse for a cabin,
as it sailed into the pond 
of Cuttyhunk, 
past the Alert dock -  

it  was something about 
its funkiness and freedom - 
looking like a Chinese junk, 
with a hippy woman 
at its helm -
which inspired me to play. 

Out, solo-sailing, 
free and exploring, 
I wanted to make music - 
to bagpipe - 
with its music 
as it sailed in, 
so I started to play, 
and she smiled, and waved 
from her craft, 
holding her course 
into this harbor 
to anchor. 

I had been playing just earlier, 
awaiting the Alert ferry, 
to pipe it in, 
with old friends aboard. 

The ferry came in, 
the music happened, - 
piping can soar, - 
and in the melee of 
people getting off, 
communitas happens 
on Cuttyhunk, at  
ferry arrivals.

June 30, 2012

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