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Zebra Longwing Butterfly: Here's a further link about Quakers and Humanism, Nontheist Friends, Humanist Society

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Here's a further link about Quakers and Humanism - - in interesting entry about Humanism in Wikipedia.

I think it was ZA (who may no longer be on this list) who added the parts about Humanism and Friends in the Wikipedia "Nontheist Friends" entry, as well as some specific individuals - - which I began on 21 June 2007 ... seems long ago. Z has also written some about humanism and NTFs in years' past in this list, and I found his emails enjoyable and insightful.

I see a lot of overlap, yet, as I see things, it's the specific NTF history in these emails that perhaps defines some of the many differences between NTFs and Humanist, in ways similar perhaps to the way Quakers themselves can look to their own 350 year history to define their specific trajectory of caring, meeting and business meeting, organizations such as AFSC, plus so much more. This list has returned often to examining the significance of the word nontheism over the years, and in a Quaker / f/Friendly context, in my view, and this may be a key starting difference. And this word has come to be significant in the NTF groups' unfolding, vis-a-vis Humanism, and many other similar words. Other people's thoughts about this in this unfolding conversation?

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On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 1:28 PM, CE wrote:

Hi B and welcome to the group!

The Humanist Society (of Friends) did emerge from Quakers, but has since dropped "Friends" from their name. You can read more here:

The difference between generic humanists and nontheist Quakers is that Quaker have this funny habit of sitting in nearly total silence in a group for about an hour each Sunday. Explaining why we do this, and most generic humanists don't, is where the fun really begins!

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On 5/25/2012 3:18 PM, BW wrote:

I am a new subscriber to the NTF Discussion list, tlooking for input which would provide some clarification.   I have always considered myself to be a Humanist.  When I spoke to my husband about my intention to explore Nontheistic quakerism, he asked what was the difference between NTF and
Humanism. I had to admit that I was uncertain.  I believe there is a
humanist group in the U.S. calling itself Humanist Friends.  I would
appreciate some of your thoughts.
 Regards.  BW.


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