Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Searching for Bonobo in Congo: F/friends, Interested in Bonobos, friends and peace-issues?


Interested in Bonobos, friends and peace-issues?

I'd recommend de Waal's book "Bonobos," the first chapter of which you'll find on the WUaS Bonobo chimpanzee page below. And here's a recent email of mine to this nontheist Friends' email list, which I added to my blog - I've added other emails to this NtF list with thoughts about what NtFs might learn from Bonobo here (haven't  explored vice versa yet) here - http://scott/ - and here - And here's World University and School's Bonobo chimpanzee page for further (somewhat academic) idea sharing, including videos, about Bonobos - It's the peace aspect of Bonobos - no known fatalities among them - emerging via evolution by natural selection which I find so relevant for Friends, and which I hope Quakers and NtFs might even learn from.

Is their 'peaceable kingdom' (the Congo isn't these days - it's a democratic republic with a fair amount of violence - perhaps WUaS could help lessen this) because of their sexuality?

With f/Friendly greetings, Scott


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