Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chromodoris coi Nudibranch: Dear L, At San Francisco Friends' Meeting I was very glad to have met Miguel Angel Costop, director / clerk of 'Progresa: The Guatemala Friends Scholarship / Loan Program' which Redwood Forest Friends' Meeting in CA sponsors, WUaS's next, open, f/Friendly Meeting for Business Agenda for September 8, 2012

Dear L,

Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area, and nice to make contact with you here via email. Did you happen to go to FGC? You look familiar from this year's gathering, which I attended, - from some of the AFSC web pages I've recently glanced at. In pursuing this conversation with you upon S's introduction (thank you!), further, I'm curious about your Friendly interests in education, AFSC and Quakers, in general. How do you see Friendly education unfolding beneficially, and especially vis-a-vis AFSC?

At San Francisco Friends' Meeting this morning (August 19th), I was very glad to have met Miguel Angel Costop, who also attended Pacific Yearly Meeting's annual sessions with Shan, and who is the Guatemalan director/clerk, I think, of 'Progresa: The Guatemala Friends Scholarship / Loan Program' - - which the Redwood Forest Friends' (Santa Rosa, CA), Meeting and Guatemala Monthly Meeting sponsor, as well as to have seen the video of their good work making education financially accessible in Guatemala, and especially to indigenous peoples. This seems to be one good example of a well run, Friendly educational project which is producing great benefits; since 1973 I think they have graduated possibly 800 people for all kinds of degrees and  certificates, including helped to educate at least one Guatemalan Medical Doctor, who works in an Emergency Room in Guatemala City. What other similar examples do you find interesting?

(... there was a curious, repeated error in the blog entry while posting this, so I've removed some of this letter, but see the WUaS blog for the September 8, 2012 open, WUaS, business meeting agenda -

With Friendly greetings,


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