Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soft coral: World University and School is Creative Commons' licensed, Informal Student Centers, - and outside public high schools and public libraries? AFSC offices and network vis-a-vis WUaS for access around the world?


Great ... looking forward to seeing you if it works out.

World University and School is Creative Commons' licensed  - see, which is currently used for licensing, for example, by MIT OpenCourseWare, and for 4 million Youtube videos.  I'll forward you an email about this I received today about CC (but see this, as well - I am curious to think through how such informal student centers might work, so let's definitely talk further about this.

In developing online MIT-centric WUaS, and for all languages and countries,  I think in terms of precedent - and in a parallel way, it would be curious yet interesting to set up informal student centers outside public high schools and public libraries, in Concord, MA, for example. So, a kind of Center for American Studies' informal student center in Concord, MA, vis-a-vis WUaS would be unique, and raise questions vis-a-vis CC licensing, as well. (WUaS is open, free, online, MIT OCW-centric and CC). (Would the CfAS like to focus a department of American Studies, orchestrating MIT OCW for this at WUaS?)

Yet, I've also thought how helpful it could be, for free education around the world, to open such centers in conjunction with and even in American Friends' Service Committee (a Quaker service organization which won the Nobel Peace prize) offices around the world, as well. Their network, and historical practices of helping and caring for others, are something I'd like to join with vis-a-vis WUaS ahead. (Indeed, at Friends' General Conference in Rhode Island this July, where I was an official WUaS exhibitor, I spoke to Shan Cretin, the current head and general secretary of the AFSC for 15 minutes about WUaS, and she was very receptive; she's coming to Palo Alto Friends' Meeting for a gathering about World Peace this Sunday, as well, and I hope to talk with her again then). So, informal centers are an idea worth exploring further, while keeping free-to-students, MIT-centric WUaS forever in mind. (UC Berkeley started, as I understand it, free, then charged tuition, and couldn't turn back, back in the 1870s, 1880s, etc). And since MIT OCW is also CC, WUaS will further develop CC open educational resources, and eventually for free, online degrees. (And WUaS may be able also to contribute significantly to such a vision as World Peace, like the AFSC, and in a Friendly manner, as well).

Thanks again for the orchestrating the Center for American Studies' "Concord Convocation" in early July. And hope to see you and P soon.



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