Thursday, August 16, 2012

Puffer fish: CHEMISTRY as a subject, MIT OCW's ChemLab boot camp, and WUaS, To a friend, chemist, and family member who donated $100 recently to WUaS, GREEN CHEMISTRY, and LAB COURSES ONLINE as WUAS's wiki subjects


See the 45 second video here: "ChemLab Boot Camp - MIT OpenCourseWare launches reality series:
A new series of videos to be published this fall follows 14 MIT freshmen through their introduction to hands-on science" ... ...


WUaS will do something like this too, online, and I've added this idea here -

I've also added MIT ChemLab to multiple wiki 'Chemistry' subjects at WUaS - see below.


Here are excerpts from an email I just sent to a friend, chemist, and family member who donated $100 recently to WUaS.

Thank you again so much for your tax-exempt donation to WUaS, and for your great interest in your discipline of chemistry vis-a-vis World University and School, as well. WUaS is MIT OCW-centric and wiki (editable web pages). For example, you can sign up for  MIT OCW ChemLab emails here - - as well as see the MIT OCW high school course ware for ChemLab. And while WUaS will seek to find very inspiring, online, MIT O CW chemistry professors teaching in multimedia via the conference method  ( - which makes great person-to-person and professor-to-student teaching possible, and online, too, in a G+ group video hangout, for example), WUaS also has a focus on great universities such as these - - for open educational resources,, wherein we may find other great, online, university Chemistry professors, innovating with multimedia, and engaging their students.

As an example of the wiki side of WUaS, here's a Green Chemistry wiki Subject page I started this morning at WUaS - -

where we can all teach, learn and add resources. And in the 'WUaS Links' section half way down, you'll find the other, current, WUaS, wiki, 'Chemistry' subjects (e.g. Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, etc), mostly MIT OCW-centric, but also Yale-centric, thanks to Yale OYC.

While WUaS is University focused - see the 'WUaS Links' section here for the degrees WUaS is planning to offer ... - here's the online, high school, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme page at WUaS where I recently added the above, MIT OCW, High School ChemLab resources - - which WUaS is planning to offer in the 6 United Nations' Languages. And you'll find here the also new 'Laboratory courses online at World University and School' wiki subject - -

with growing, open, MIT and Stanford resources.

Wikis, by the way, are editable, web pages, and Wikipedia is in 285 out of 7,358 languages (per "The Ethnologue"), for comparison, and inspiration's sake, as well as what WUaS is building upon (and soon in a new, Wikidata database, too). And this wiki open-endedness makes WUaS a very creative, worldwide academic and learning conversation, with a MIT standard. And WUaS is excited to plan for ALL languages, building on MIT OCW, for chemistry, too, in many languages.

So, this is a little bit of an overview of Chemistry, as subject, and World University and School, which main focus is to offer, free, online, MIT OCW-centric, bachelor, Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees - and is fascinating to develop, and will help so many people. WUaS is planning our first, matriculating, bachelor's degree class in 2014, and eventually in many languages and countries, - as well as developing into a wiki platform for open, people-to-people teaching and learning in all 3,000-8,000 languages and < 200 countries, and it would be great to talk further about this, - this weekend if we can connect! :)

"WUaS is developing using Quaker / f/Friendly business process and is planning to accredit with the same organization that accredits Stanford and Berkeley, and the Quaker gap high school Woolman Semester (WASC Senior), a somewhat costly process, but which will actually turn WUaS into an university. In the process, WUaS would like to become the online MIT / Harvard of the world, and in all languages and countries. We're also seeking presently to collaborate with American Friends' Service Committee. (I'm active in the SF Friends' Meeting as a NtF)."

WUaS is greatly in need of financial resources to begin to grow, so your contribution is so appreciated. I'll add you to the WUaS, sporadic, email list, which happens more often the once-a-month emails to WUaS people about monthly, hour-long business meeting, unless I hear otherwise from you.

I also post to WUaS's blog, with the unfolding agenda for the open, WUaS, electronically-communicated, business meeting on September 8th, in f/Friendly manner -



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