Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sea cucumber: WUaS, Hiring Anthropologist Ph.D.s, WUaS as major job producer, Articles about WUaS in great newspapers?, Becoming the online MIT / Harvard / Cambridge universities of all languages

Dear Gillian,

It was very nice to meet you after your timely and topical talk about anthropology's role in analyzing institutions like banking at International House at UC Berkeley this March, - after which I mentioned I would email you, and about World University and School, especially. (I was glad to find your talks online again here - and here - I'm also an anthropologist, currently writing an actual / virtual ethnography about Harbin Hot Springs in northern California. At the time, we talked about Cambridge University Anthropology Professor H.M., whom I know a little from Stanford, and with whom you studied, if I remember correctly.

World University and School is like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare, with a wiki-focus on great universities' open educational resources, and is planning to offer not only free, online, bachelor, Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees, accrediting on MIT OCW, but also planning to be an open, wiki school in all 3,000-8000 languages (Wikipedia, by way of comparison, is now in 285 languages) and greater than 200 countries, for people-to-people teaching and learning. Here's a recent overview about it from my blog -

Startup World University and School will not only help so many people with access to free education, it has the potential to become immense, and would be news' worthy in the Financial Times in this regard. As a potential, significant jobs' producer worldwide, WUaS would like to hire anthropologist Ph.D.s, in particular, who have worked in all 3,000-8,000 languages, and < 200 countries, and for their academic orientation especially. WUaS would like to become the online MIT / Harvard / Cambridge universities of all languages, and MIT OCW is a remarkable basis as a beginning, upon which to accredit.

At the Computer History Museum yesterday evening, its CEO John Hollar mentioned your upcoming talk there -,Tett and - in September, at which I look forward to meeting you again, as well as to developing this conversation further.

All the best,


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