Monday, October 29, 2012

Cattail: New, Delaware_language wiki page at WUaS, but not the Algonquin_language wiki page yet, These pages will come alive with speaking and communication, mediated by the internet, I'm giving a talk at UC Berkeley this Friday, 11/2 from 5-7 in the Anthropology department, Planning a second Harbin book

Hi B,

I started a Delaware_language wiki page at WUaS - - but not the Algonquin language one yet. I hope these pages will come alive with speaking and communication, mediated by the web, and by speakers of it as a First Language. Please feel free to contact  JR and BLP and invite them to edit it, as wiki (editable web pages), to teach to their web cameras, and to invite Delaware speakers of it as First Language to 'make it sing.'  :)

Harbin is lovely ... I'm giving a talk at UC Berkeley this Friday from 5-7 in the Gifford Room in the Anthropology Department, Kroeber Hall, at the south side of campus, across from
Cafe Strada ... ... if you're interested.

Harbin is worth visiting. I'm writing the 8th of 9 chapters of my actual virtual Harbin ethnography. And I'm planning a second book involving making a digital Harbin for ethnographic field work.

The Rainbow Gathering is fascinating, and started in 1972, as did Harbin in its current form, (as did Contact Improv dance:), a time I'm interested in in a variety of ways ... .

I haven't looked through your writings in the Swarthmore collection yet. :)

Friendly regards,


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