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Dendrochronology: 10/13//2012 {Open}, Annual, Board, Business Meeting – Agenda - at World University and School

10/13//2012 {Open} Annual, Business Meeting – Agenda - at World University and School

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World University and School
{Open} Annual, Business Meeting – Agenda (hour-long meeting)
Saturday, October 13, 2012
9 am, Pacific Time

1. Welcome and Greetings - News

Welcome to this 2nd, Annual, Business Meeting for World University and School, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, and a milestone for WUaS. See this recent, press release for WUaS: .

Some WUaS highlights at present, from the year, in the form of this letter: 

1. WUaS would like to reach out to high school overachievers for free, online, MIT-centric, bachelor (beginning in 2014), Ph.D. law and M.D  degrees. We're seeking possibly 2,000, online undergraduates beginning in 2014. WUaS is beginning to accredit with WASC, in a three stage process.  WUaS is seeking to build a student body of overachieving high schoolers (who might otherwise go to MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cambridge and other greatest universities, for example) potentially interested in MIT- / Yale- centric degrees, at the free, online, startup "College at World University and School" -
and see also "Admissions at WUaS" - 

2. Accreditation in English in the U.S. is a three stage process with WASC. 

3. WUaS would like to become a significant job producer - in the world and at large - with academic infrastructure, as well as for academics, and especially as we grow into many, many languages and countries. But WUaS is beginning with baby steps, seeking to hire its first employee interns. 

4. WUaS's Board has offered to buy the bookstore / computer software, probably Quickbooks Point of Sale Multi-store, to start a bookstore, and a few Quaker booksellers have expressed interest in all of us collaborating, where WUaS could offer all of our bookstores a web presence and good, bookstore software, and one bookstore, in particular, which has about 1,000 titles (in their living room), vendors, and Quaker groups which welcome their bookstore, would be one of the main, starting bookstores in this software. This is potentially a great collaboration opportunity for WUaS, since it gives WUaS an established bookstore to grow from, while Quickbooks POS with Multi-store software allows us to operate separate stores with the same software, at the same time. WUaS is planning a bookstore / computer store to offer new and used textbooks, plus more, as we grow. This bookstore will provide WUaS potentially with its first, regular, revenue stream. 

5. WUaS plans to hire graduate students matriculated at these great universities to facilitate the conference method in group video spaces with text chat. 

6. But for all of the above, the free, Creative Commons' licensed, MIT-centric World University and School needs monies to grow (like public high schools, other countries' free universities, Wikipedia, MIT OCW, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc.). 

7. WUaS seeks to collaborate with a number of particular groups as we develop: 

- MIT OCW - whose external relations director took Scott out to lunch in January 2012 in Cambridge, but especially for the college at WUaS and Ph.D. degrees at WUaS - particularly for video courses.  

- In seeking to collaborate with Quakers, as an example of a possible parallel, service project, Santa Rosa Friends' Meeting co-sponsors and funds the Guatemalan Progresa project (, which offers loans and scholarships for all kinds of degrees and certifications there, and to speakers of many, different, indigenous languages there.  

- Yale OYC for video courses 

But, WUaS continues to be worried about generating beginning, revenue streams for WUaS.

8. WUaS is planning to move to Wikidata / Wikibase, - - which is a structured database / repository presently in development with Wikipedia's 285 languages in mind, - in the not too distant future, per communication with them. 

9. Amara Subtitles - - crowdsources translation, for WUaS developing into other languages. 

10. WUaS continues to be a growing wiki for open, free, people-to-people teaching and learning, but still is primarily in English at present. WUaS plans to grow into all 7, 413+ languages and greater than 205 countries. 

11. World University and School is seeking to reach its $100,000, year-end, fundraising goal, with an invitation to donate via credit card, PayPal or in the mail - 

World University and School is planning a $100,000 fundraising goal for 2013 as well, for budgetting.

12. WUaS is using Quaker business process for our monthly business meetings, which emphasizes both listening and consensus, as well as for committees

a. WUaS 'officers'

13. Closure

14. Next, monthly business meeting - Saturday, November 10, 2012, 9 am Pacific Time

Scott MacLeod

President and Founder 

World University and School
(like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware)

Google + main, WUaS page:

Please contribute, and invite friends to contribute, tax deductibly, via PayPal and credit card:

World University and School is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization.


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