Sunday, October 7, 2012

Western snowy plover: Nontheist Friends- Scott, please contact me off list. I have some friends interested in your on-line university, Many, free courses (much from MIT) here on the WUaS Economics' wiki, subject page, See, too, Coursera and Class2Go resources, both with many Stanford classes, Peace and Social Justice Studies, Quakers

{Nontheist Friends},

Sorry all. I don't know any other way to do this.

Scott, please contact me off list. I have some friends interested in your on-line university.

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Hi L,

This works as a way to connect. Please tell me more about your f/Friends interested in WUaS.

All the best,


Thanks for such a fast response Scott. My f/Friends are part of the Davis Friends Meeting and Pacific Yearly Meeting so you may well know or at least have met them. Jim and Marilee Escubio.(not sure I've spell the last name correctly. still on my first cup of coffee so brain not totally awake) Marilee just finished a spell as Clerk for PYM. Both are retired. Two of the nicest people I've ever known. They have been wanting to audit some economics classes at UCD but so far the university has not taken their time frame into consideration when scheduling classes. I suggested World U and told them I'd get the contact info for them. The weekly Peace Vigil here in Davis (organized by the DFM) is today so I most likely will see them there and pass on the info.
I've been intending to do a little exploring of World U myself but life keeps getting in the way.

In Peace,

Hi L,

For an abundance of resources for the Escubios (sp?) (one a retiring clerk from Pacific Yearly Meeting), there are many free courses (much from MIT) here on the Economics' wiki, subject page at World University and School - - plus related, wiki, WUaS subjects with free, online resources in its Links' section - Plus, WUaS is wiki, so every page so far is editable, where we can also all teach and share. 

On the main, WUaS 'Courses and Schools' page is a section with aggregations of other free, open courses and resources -
- and the Escubios might enjoy, for example, looking at the new Coursera and Class2Go resources, both with many Stanford classes, for a few, online, Economics' courses.

Some other, related, wiki subjects, per your email:

Peace and Social Justice Studies -

Quakers - Religious Society of Friends -

Nontheist Friends / atheist Quakers -

I'm planning to attend CPQM and it would be great to talk with them or you there, if you are going. I've inquired with E.B., clerk of CPQM Ministry and Oversight if I can offer an Interest Group
with Q & A there on "Quakers and World University and School." WUaS would like to begin to offer free, online, MIT-centric, bachelor (first beginning in 2014), Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees, and would love it if Quaker kids (who may also be overachievers) could benefit.

And WUaS is open for people-to-people teaching and learning, in Subjects we create even, (and with much more, including plans for all languages and countries :).

With f/Friendly greetings,


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