Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Asian Golden Cat: MIT-centric, wiki schools in some languages of Indonesia, and places there, WUaS STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, courses in their own Indonesian languages


Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts about online, MIT-centric, wiki schools in some languages of Indonesia, and places there. WUaS would eventually like to make its Creative Commons' wiki available in all the languages of Indonesia for free, with free, MIT-centric university degrees in some of its languages. The protocols for WUaS's open, editable, WIKI aspect, where people can teach to each other in their own languages, will be informed by improved versions of Wikipedia's protocols. And, in point of fact, in the current WUAS Wikia wiki - which has its limitations and welcomes improvement - only some people have taught or learned openly, by creating a new Subject, for example, or editing a page, or teaching to their web cam, or aggregating edifying resources from the web, or made music in the music school. While this may change with the new wiki, I think WUaS's MIT-centricity will help with focusing your concerns about some politically charged subjects - . Wikipedia, by way of comparison, now is in 285 languages, and has a 10 + year history, and weathered multiple similar challenges, to the degree that they are developing a new Wiki database - Wikidata and Wikibase - and which WUaS is planning to use as well. 

How to welcome Indonesian youth's interest in MIT-centric education for free degrees, in particular, for STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics :,_Technologies,_Engineering_and_Mathematics - in their own languages, is a question that I hope we can focus on together.

It will be interesting, further, to develop MIT-informed history courses, for example, for some Indonesian languages - . Here's an example of a possible MIT OCW course model for Indonesian histories:  "The making of modern south asia" in this case, about India - .

While the Harvard talk - and it's now watchable : - has a progressive vision, I hope WUaS's STEM focus can progressively help many of the 200 million Indonesian youth with great educational resources into the future. WUaS would like to become the online MIT / Harvard particularly in large languages.

By the way, Engage Media has published 2 books in Indonesian and English, downloadable here - .

See you, (and other potential, new, WUaS Board members), Saturday, online from, let's say 9:00-9:30 am Pacific Time, and let's talk further, with a focus on STEM resources and expanding Indonesian's university system, and wiki educational resources!

Agenda and email to follow.



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