Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pollination game: How does World University and School differ from edX, MITx, Yale OYC, Coursera, iTunes University, Udacity, and all the other, great, free, online, course-oriented, university, educational projects on the web?

How does World University and School differ from MIT OCW, edX, Open Yale Courses (OYC),  Coursera, iTunes U, Udacity, and all the other, great, free, online, course-oriented, university, educational projects on the web, especially MOOCs? 

- WUaS plans to accredit with WASC senior ( - see - for its MIT-centric, undergraduate degrees. WUaS hasn't heard of any accreditation plans among the other, above, educational initiatives. 

- WUaS is MIT OCW-centric, especially MIT OCW's Video and Audio courses - - to begin (but all of Creative Commons' licensed MIT OCW, - to a secondary degree, Creative Commons' licensed Yale OYC - Besides MIT OCW itself, WUaS knows of no other MIT-centric educational endeavors. 

- WUaS plans to engage the Conference Method - - learning from Reed College's approach to this, but developing this online, whereas WUaS hasn't heard of any other educational project doing this. 

- WUaS does not plan on becoming a MOOC provider (massive open online course), as are Coursera, Udacity, and edX (, although WUaS may scale in other ways vis-a-vis courses. 

- WUaS seeks overachievers - overachieving high school and college students - who might transfer to on-the-ground MIT for a year, as well as Quaker high school students, for example, to begin, while remaining an open, C.C., wiki school in each of 7,413 languages, including with OCW. Most of the  educational endeavors on this page are so far open and free.

- WUaS is STEM-centric, -,_Technologies,_Engineering_and_Mathematics - building on MIT and MIT OCW. Udacity may also be, but MIT-centricity opens horizons for WUaS STEM-centricity, especially in developing into other languages. 

- WUaS is planning 5, C.C. licensed, degrees/diplomas - bachelor, Ph.D., I.B., law and M.D. - and in many languages and countries. 

- WUaS is a non-profit educational institution / company, as is edX, whereas Coursera is a for-profit company, and Udacity is unfolding in this respect. iTunes U doesn't appear to be moving toward offering recognition of academic work, or credentialing, at this point. 

- Like MIT OCW and Yale OYC, World University and School is Creative Commons' licensed - See, too:  WUaS is great universities' and C.C. focused - aggregating and curating its Open Course Ware, and eventually for credit. 

- WUaS is developing a (potentially student-run) honor code for academic integrity, - will also draw on MIT's approaches to academic integrity in online academics. 

- WUaS plans to accredit for university degrees in as many of the 204 countries as we can, and in main languages in those countries. 

OpenCourseWare -

Coursera -

edX -  (MITx builds on edX)

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