Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wild celery: World University and School plans for 2013

Dear Universitians, 

Happy New Year!

This year, World University and School plans to seek overachieving, undergraduate applicants (100,000?) from all over the world for free, Creative Commons' licensed, MIT-centric degrees, in English, with an application deadline of January 1, 2014 at 12 pm, to matriculate (2,000 students?) online in autumn 2014 -

WUaS seeks media coverage for this.

WUaS plans to begin the accreditation process formally with a WASC workshop ('WASC senior,' if you're googling WASC) in April 2013 in the SF Bay Area, costing something like $10,000 initially. 

Fundraising, with the Wikimedia Foundation as a model, is an ongoing significant goal this year, especially vis-a-vis companies and governments. 

WUaS also plans to move from Wikia wiki to the CC-licensed Wikidata wiki this spring. 

WUaS will start the online Bookstore / Computer Store when WUaS gets the monies to purchase Quickbooks POS Multi-store, or similar. 

WUaS will continue to develop collaboration possibilities with MIT and Harvard, in particular. Here's a recent blog post about this ...

And WUaS continues to remain an open, teaching and learning wiki, planned for all languages and countries. 

The next, monthly business meeting is on January 12, 2013 at 9 am PT in a Google + group video hangout. 



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