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Catarina pupfish: Outreach for MIT OCW-centric World University and School - High School Students to Apply this Autumn to Matriculate Online in the Autumn of 2014 in English, WUaS Friends Flyer for Prospective Student Applicants

Hi, Universitians,

Thanks to their new head of school, MF, I'm very glad to say I'm heading for Woolman Semester at Sierra Friends' Center in the foothills of the Sierras in 8 days to do outreach for MIT OCW-centric, free World University and School at their graduation on Friday (5/24) and Saturday (5/25) next week, informally networking with students and parents, and perhaps handing out flyers. Woolman Semester is a gap, High School, Quaker semester which accredits with WASC, which WUaS is also planning to do. Here are the beginning Admission's Department page - and the 'The College at WUaS' page - (WUaS is also planning a MIT OCW High School-centric International Baccalaureate high school diploma and in many languages, possibly beginning in 2015 -

And I'm also glad to say that Sherri Maurin, whom I know from San Francisco Friends' Meeting, has agreed to be an exhibitor for WUaS at Friends General Conference (July 1-7) in Greeley, Colorado, for the hour slot. Sherri Maurin is a substitute high school teacher, among other things, in San Francisco.

As a little bit of WUaS history, I did the first WUaS outreach last year at Friends General Conference in Rhode Island in July 2012, for the hour slot in the early evening in the middle of the week, talking with interested f/Friends, besides leaving flyers out on designated tables for the duration of the week. During that time, for example, I talked for about 15 minutes then with Shan Cretin about free, Creative Commons' licensed World University and School. She's the current General Secretary (head) of American Friends' Service Committee (which employs some 225 people around the world), and who also went to MIT and Yale.

The flyers I handed out at FGC then, and which WUaS will make accessible for Woolman Semester and FGC this year, are accessible here - -

(on which you'll also find -

WUaS Friends Flyer for Prospective Student Applicants - ... and ...

WUaS Notice/Flyer Archives -

WUaS is looking forward to getting numerous, F/friendly and overachieving, online, high school applicants by the end of this year - with January 1, 2014, as the possible, application deadline.

While Stanford's Norvig and Thrun's single MOOC, "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" class in 2011 attracted 160,000 students, - and about 7% finished - and MIT Professor Agarwal's "Circuits and Electronics," online, free, single, MOOC class in 2011/2012 attracted something like 120,000 students, - with a similar completion rate, - for example, WUaS is planning to require 32 courses for a free, undergraduate degree.

And while WUaS's classes plan also to engage the Conference Method in Google + group video Hangouts, and won't attract so many students, MIT OCW-centric WUaS isn't ruling this large numbers of students in the future for such STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classes, but wants to develop richly the Conference Method online and have live, great teachers. The first faculty members at WUaS will be the MIT faculty in these videos - - and WUaS is planning to hire MIT and Harvard and other great universities' graduate students, at first, to facilitate the conference method interactively online.

To summarize about WUaS's framework or platform (and in a wiki, as well) and plans:

High school age applicants, and others, will be applying this autumn 2013 to startup, online, Creative Commons' licensed, free, MIT OCW-centric World University and School to take the C.C. MIT OCW (and possibly C.C. Yale OYC) undergraduate courses here in the autumn of 2014, toward a bachelor's degree ... ...

partly in a Google + group video Hangouts, - -

with plans to engage the Conference Method (per Reed College's) in online classes, but probably with graduate instructors at first ...

Please email WUaS at if you have any questions.

With F/friendly greetings,


Hi, Sherri and Friends,

Here's the actual link to a Google Docs' spreadsheet for possible World University and School student applicants' names, emails and 1st and 2nd parents' emails + at FGC, that I just shared with Sherri! It would be great at FGC if we could get twenty, F/friendly kids' names (... looking for overachievers!). And maybe parents might like to apply and eventually matriculate as well - these are MIT courses that WUaS will offer for credit, of course!

"FGC / Friendly Students to Be at WUaS Email List"

World University and School will seek to register you, Sherri, for FGC, in Greeley, Colorado, as Friendly WUaS exhibitor, as well as get flyers to you. Thank you so much doing this, and let's talk further, perhaps tomorrow at Meeting, about all of this.

We can share access to this spreadsheet in the cloud with others, at SFFM, for example, with time.

Here again is the (updated) link to the WUaS Blog entry - - about Outreach to FGC and Woolman Center.

F/friendly regards,


Scott MacLeod
Founder & President

World University and School
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World University and School is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, educational organization.

Google + main, WUaS page:

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