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Golden hamster: WUaS plans to hire many, many student interns (from great universities, especially), and who speak all 7,100+ languages, and from 200+ countries (who may well be studying in the US) ... see the Internship Program at WUaS, Publishing my actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs' manuscript, WUaS's online, academic, publishing plans

WUaS plans to hire many, many student interns (from great universities, especially), and who speak all 7,100+ languages, and from 200+ countries (who may well be studying in the US) ...

see the intern pages, e.g. ... Internship Program at World University and School ... at ... ... with an opportunity to develop a University or school in their country or language ...

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Dear D,

Thanks very much for your email about my first, actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs' manuscript, and your helpful information especially about rewards for the author, and the finances of publishing. I 'hear what you're saying,' (that the financial remuneration potential isn't great, and publishing a book isn't easy) but I'm also glad to say that World University and School recently received the 'green light' from the State of California to seek BPPE (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education) approval, which goes hand-in-hand with seeking WASC senior (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) approval, and thus is a further step in developing a fully-accredited, online, startup university, building on C.C. MIT OpenCourseWare. Stanford, Cal and UC Davis all have WASC accreditation, for example. And this BPPE approval will also potentially open the way to monies, I think, for WUaS. In a sense, since I'm the founder, president, CEO, professor and head clerk (Quakers) of WUaS, I have an academic position - sort of, but not necessarily one that an academic press would recognize at this point.

Having heard 'no' a little more than a year ago from the university presses at Princeton, MIT, Cambridge UK, and Harvard after writing 3 1/2 chapters, with another 'no' recently from University of California Press, after completing my 9 draft chapters, I think I will continue to pursue placing my manuscript with an academic press.

I think I'll seek to submit a proposal to Yale UP this time, and also, in the process, seek to incorporate their detailed submissions' guidelines - - into World University and School's online, academic publishing plans - - and in many, many subjects and languages. I wonder if the 'social capital' of founding startup, online, Creative Common's licensed World University and School which plans to become the online MIT / Harvard of the internet, and in all 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries (C.C. MIT OCW has 2,150 courses online, and C.C. Wikipedia is in 285 languages, by way of comparison), with C.C., university degrees, as well, might help in the publication process. Might I possibly please recommend you as a referee, per Yale's guidelines?

I think publishing with the best university press possible may increase the possibilities of readership as well as monies, and the social capital of publishing at Yale, might lead further to being able to employ graduate student instructors to teach next year in Google + Hangouts at WUaS to MIT OCW video, - - and related, financial developments with WUaS. World University and School would like to become a major, academic employer, worldwide; Google, by way of comparison, employs more than 30,000 people, and the University of California employs far more people (180,000 I've read). I think the topic of Harbin itself may appeal (e.g. with its information technology and viritual foci, its clothing-optionalness and nostalgia for the 1960s, and counterculture), and the making of a virtual Harbin in Google Glass, or similar, as ethnographic field site for an actual / virtual comparison, for my second, planned book, may be both appealing to publishers as a new methodology, as well as possibly bring in revenues in actual income for visiting the virtual Harbin, to parallel, anthropologically, the entrance costs of visiting actual Harbin in Lake County. But that is planned for a second book, and not necessarily relevant for this manuscript proposal.

With all this said, I have some rewriting of my manuscript still to do, since I wasn't able to secure the funding to build the virtual Harbin, for this first volume, after the first 3 1/2 chapters, which included planning for building this in the 1st volume. That said, my actual / virtual, Harbin manuscript is far-reaching, and ethnographically examines many generative, anthropological ideas concerning information technology, the virtual, counterculture, hippies, the transforming effects of warm water as a kind of relaxation response meditation, all the intimacy-workshops at Harbin over the decades (e.g. HAI) and the nudity giving rise to a freeing milieu, with echoes from the 1960s, but in the present, when soaking in Harbin's warm pool, while coming into close conversation with Tom Boellstorff's "Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human" (Princeton 2008), even as a kind of new, anthropological methodology.



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