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Iberian lynx: WUaS accrediting in Spanish in Spain and accrediting in Mandarin Chinese in China from a Stanford Law - Peking Law School conference at Stanford


Here below is Juan's email about accrediting in Spanish in Spain, and below that is Professor Andy Sun's email re a WUaS Law School about accrediting in Mandarin Chinese in China from a Stanford Law - Peking Law School conference at Stanford, both of which I'll turn into a blog entry for today. 

WUaS Board Member Juan Mendez:
Greetings Scott and WUaS board members, 

I'm catching up with my past e-mails. 

Here comes some of the answers along the lines of your previous email.

2013/3/31 Scott MacLeod <>
Juan, (and Tito, Stef, and Govind),

I thought I had replied to you with this a few days ago. Juan, would you be able to do this for Saturday, April 13th?

Juan, thanks for asking yesterday: "What is what you require for me as a board members for next meetings?"

As a start, I wonder if I could ask you, Juan, (and perhaps each of our international board members (Board member 'nominee' Govind lived in Malaysia until age 17) to make a 2 minute presentation, perhaps preceded by an email, at the April 13th WUaS monthly business meeting on accreditation in your country (Stef - Greece?)), with ideas for the main language in your country, about the following: 

a specific example of a foreign university, and / or high school, which degrees are honored in your countries (e.g. A levels in some non-British countries), and even ...

I don't know the exact equivalent for A level. However this is the system that is followed in Spain:

- Primary School (6 years)
- High School - ESO (Enseñanza Secundaria Obligatoria).

At this point people can choose to study:

- High School - Bachiller : The students are required to specialize in some subjects.

- Ciclos Formativos de Grado Medio. They are like a level below Associate Degrees.

From this point. People can study:

- University (Grados and Master or Doctorados). I think the equivalents are degrees and phD.

- Ciclos Formativos de Grado Superior (Associate Degrees)
Regarding the degrees, I think I don't quite get the question. Please reformulate.

a great, foreign university which has a campus in your country, and which degrees are honored there ... 

There is UEM (Universidad Europea de Madrid). They belong to the LAUREATE group. They have a campus at Madrid.
three web pages for beginning accreditation of a foreign, C.C. licensed, MIT OCW-centric, online university in your country ... - It's a project that comes from an association of spanish universities to allow their colleges to accredit courses in a way that goes along with the new European System.

To accredit an university, I need to investigate that further since that's probably something that requires the intervention of several departments of the government as one can read in (The official anouncement for the UNED, the first "distance" university in Spain)

business suggestions for Governments' (e.g. your Department of Education's web site address) or Companies with web site address which offer grants ...‎ (Department of Education)

just to begin thinking about these questions and laying very early groundwork for heading in these directions. 

It's particularly the business suggestions which I'd be grateful if we 5 could form a WUaS committee for. 

As you know, WUaS is a Creative Commons' licensed (C.C.), MIT OpenCourseWare-centric, online, startup university, planning on offering bachelor, Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees, as well as eventually MIT OCW High School-centric, International Baccalaureate (I.B.) diplomas (in United Nations' languages to begin). WUaS incorporated in California as a non-profit, educational charity in 2010, and received, federal, 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status, in 2011, and accreditation with WASC senior is a 3 stage process. 

Best regards, 

Best wishes,


Professor Andy Sun: 

Dear Scott:

As I indicated, I am on visiting capacity and do not have the authority to act on behalf of Tongji University and/or its law school.  Therefore, I have relayed the information you provided to the university administrators for their consideration.   I myself am not very familiar with the accreditation process in China, but would suggest that perhaps you should try to contact the international cooperation department within the Ministry of Education for further information.  A blessing from that Ministry, if one can get it, should help quite a bit in future collaboration discussions.



On 2013/5/7 02:03 PM, Scott MacLeod wrote:
Dear Andy Sun,

Thank you for your email, and, again, it was very nice to meet you at the Stanford Law - Peking University Law conference at Stanford this past weekend.

What steps would you propose in WUaS Law accrediting in China, collaborating with the international collaboration folks at Tongji University, and further developing an online, Creative Commons' licensed, MIT OCW-centric, Law School planned in Chinese accredited in China (potentially with Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, et al., Chinese-speaking Law Students as the first, graduate student instructors in Google + group video Hangouts).

I'm including Weiwei Shen in this email, since he attended the conference, is from China and is a law student at the University       of Pennsylvania, - one of the great universities that World University and School would like to engage in terms of overachieving students, graduate student instructors and WUaS Creative Commons' licensed, online Law Schools (vis-a-vis MIT OpenCourseWare).

Andy, are you licensed to practice law in China as well as the USA?

Looking forward to further communication. Thank you.

Best regards,


Scott MacLeod
Founder & President

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