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Giant neotropical toad: WUaS's MISSION and updated BUSINESS PLAN, Why World University and School and WUaS’s team?, Why should we believe WUaS?, (i.e. what is your track record), Financial analysis

Dear J,

Great to telephone with you today at your Bank in SF. You'll find the following and much more at World University and School's Business Plan here:

Mission of WUaS

World University & School's ( - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware) - mission, in reaching out to the entire world, is to provide a free, wiki-based education platform and, through facilitating the development of broadband worldwide, to make our service accessible to under served parts of the world. The WUaS mission is thus to facilitate all levels of teaching and learning opportunities (and future degrees) through an open, editable wiki in all languages, nation-states and subjects with great universities, and for One Laptop per Child countries and everyone.

- Why World University and School and WUaS’s team?

World University and School’s team’s international focus makes possible WUaS’s plan to offer accredited, Creative Commons’ licensed, free, MIT OCW-centric, online, university degrees in many languages and countries: bachelor, Ph.D., law, and M.D., as well as I.B. high school diplomas. WUaS’s team international focus also facilitates open wiki-schools, for people-to-people teaching in all 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries; Wikipedia is in 285 languages by way of comparison.

- Why should we believe WUaS? (i.e. what is your track record).

World University and School just received the 'green light' from the state of California to begin the accreditation process in May 2014.

WUaS incorporated in 2010 as an educational organization in California, and received federal, 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status in 2011, and has approximately 580 wiki, subject pages. Accreditation, first in California and with BPPE and WASC senior is a three stage process, where WUaS must graduate its first undergraduate class before receiving full accreditation in 2018. WUaS has a long track record of institutionalizing as an online, startup, MIT OCW-centric university, and long term goals and plans.

- Financial analysis.

WUaS seeks to build a $20-$50 million dollar endowment as a 5 year target. Within 5 years, WUaS plans to acquire the endowment base necessary to sustain this business with 100,000 students and 2,000 instructors.

WUaS plans to raise funds from governments, universities, philanthropic foundations, and companies as well as individuals.

WUaS is also planning an online bookstore / computer store and in all languages and countries, for textbooks, intellectual resources, musical instruments for students at WUaS, with a plan to charge 2% less than the competition in various countries (probably on the order fulfillment side).

WUaS also is planning on-the-ground bookstores at some point in the future, perhaps near Apple Computer stores in cosmopolitan cities of learning around the globe.

WUaS is also planning an online, academic publishing house, both of books and journals, in multiple disciplines in all 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries.

Besides contacting Pacific Community Ventures, as you suggested, can you possibly please suggest any

- Directors of foundations, or foundations, or related per Financial Analysis item A;

- Sources of financial resources for building an online Bookstore / Computer store, eventually in all languages and countries, per Financial Analysis item B;

- Similarly, sources of financial resources for building WUaS's online, academic Publishing House, both books and journals.

I'm including 3 F/friends from San Francisco Friends' Meeting in this email, since you're SFFM's banker and WUaS is Quaker-informed: D, A (SFFM's Treasurer) and J (a skilled grant writer). 

Might we possibly set up a meeting in person? (Unfortunately, I won't be at Meeting this upcoming Sunday, - I'm heading to a Reed College reunion, partly to do WUaS outreach).

I look forward to your further thoughts about this, per our conversation.

World University and School seeks to become the Creative Commons' licensed (so, free) MIT / Harvard of the Internet in all 7,105 languages and 204 countries, with free, university degrees in many languages.

Thank you.


Scott MacLeod
Founder & President

World University and School
(like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare)

World University and School is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, educational organization.

P.O. Box 442,
(86 Ridgecrest Road),
Canyon, CA 94516

415 480 4577
Skype: scottm100

Google + main, WUaS page:

Please contribute, and invite friends to contribute, tax deductibly, via PayPal and credit card:

World University and School is sending you this because of your interest in free, online, higher education. If you don't want to receive these, please reply with 'remove' in the subject line. Thank you.


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