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Sirenia: Trying to Nominate World University and School for the TED Prize, 'Nominate yourself for the 2014 TED Prize,' Crowdsourcing here highlights from the upcoming application for feedback, The TED Prize is for 1 million dollars over 3 years

Trying to nominate World University and School for the TED Prize ... ...

here's the beginning of my application ...

Nominating myself, with humbleness ...


Nominate yourself for the 2014 TED Prize

Please complete the form below to nominate yourself. Or you can nominate an individual other than yourself with this form.

Nominations for the 2014 TED Prize will close at 11:59pm ET on Sunday, June 16, 2013.

Job title

. Founder, President, CEO, Head Clerk and Professor

Company / organization

. World University and School

Description of company / organization

. For example, “TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. They believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world.”

. World University and School - like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare - is an open, teaching and learning, platform wiki, with free, onine, C.C., accredited, MIT OCW-centric, university and high school degrees and diplomas planned, in many countries and languages. WUaS is planning to be in all 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries, as wiki schools; Wikipedia is in 285 languages by way of comparison, and MIT OCW has about 2,150 Creative Commons' licensed courses, and also has courses in about 10-20 different languages. WUaS facilitates people-to-people teaching; teach to your web camera, or begin a new wiki subject page - - at WUaS, for example. WUaS just received the 'green light' from the state of California to begin the accreditation process with BPPE as well as WASC senior in order to be able to offer, online, C.C. degrees. Here's a good, information technological overview of WUaS:



What is your relationship to TED, if any:

. TED Fan

Contact Information

Email Address



San Francisco Bay Area



Please provide up to three links about yourself

. Link 1

. Link 2

. Link 3

Work & Achievements

Why do you think you should win the TED Prize?

. Open, free, Creative Commons' MIT OCW-centric and STEM (since MIT-centric), university degrees, in many languages and countries, as well as wiki-schools in 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries will change the world, and help so many people. As the founder, president, CEO, head clerk and a professor at startup, online World University and School, these are all reasons I think I should win the TED Prize. WUaS is planning to offer online, bachelor, Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees, as well as I.B. high school diplomas, in many languages with large numbers of speakers of that language, and in those countries.

How have you already impacted the world?

. World University and School became an educational corporation in the state of California, and received 501 (3) (c) tax-exempt status in 2011 (and accreditation with WASC senior for undergraduate degrees in a 3 stage process), all of which are foundational in terms of WUaS and my already having impacted the world.

Name three of your most respected peers in this discipline. How does your work compare or contrast with theirs?

. Sal Khan: I appreciate how he's taught to his web camera, much of which WUaS has aggregated, or will aggregate, in WUaS wiki, Subject pages - - and elsewhere in the WUaS wiki. I also appreciate Sal's thinking about how online learning works, as well as learning, and thinking through specific interventions for improvement, from personally teaching online to his cousin, to measuring results, to bringing Khan Academy to real life school situations.

. Sebastian Thrun: I appreciate how Sal Khan both cotaught, with Peter Norvig, "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence," and attracted 160,000 students, of which about %7 finished the course. Based on promising results from Udacity's remedial math and statistic's teaching courses and software, but no definitive evidence, I also appreciate how Sebastian made a private-public deal with the State of California to offer Udacity approaches to San Jose State University students. Not only does this offer an alternative approach to SJSU faculty's teaching of these required-by-the-state courses, this private-public arrangement also may be offering incentive to California State faculty to change their approaches to teaching.

. Peter Norvig: I appreciate Peter's theoretical framing of Theories of Learning, vis-a-vis what online education, particularly STEM-centric approaches, can offer students.

. WUaS wants to include the conference method in all of this, to include interactivity, with teachers, as well as conversation. How WUaS instructs its graduate instructors in teaching matriculated WUaS students via the Conference Method (like at Reed College)  in Google + group video Hangouts, will be significant.

What are you currently working on?

. Having just completed writing the nine, draft chapters of my first Harbin book project, I'm preparing the first volume of my actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic book for publication, with plans to submit a proposal to Yale University Press. In the second volume in my Harbin Project, I'm planning to build a virtual Harbin for actual / virtual ethnographic comparison, probably in digital glasses, and not in OpenSim (where I built the first virtual Harbin, but this was stolen) or in Second Life, as I initially planned.

List three of your most outstanding previous accomplishments (include awards, published works, etc.).

. book chapter

. blog

. teaching "Society and Information Technology" on Harvard's virtual Island in Second Life for 7 semesters

. first steps in WUaS developments - incorporation and 501 c 3 status

What is the largest team and budget you have overseen? Please describe:

. WUaS Board ...

Please provide links to video clips of, or about you.

. For example, a recent talk, presentation, interview, etc.

. Link 1

. Link 2

. Link 3

Please provide links to articles written about you.

. We suggest submitting articles from a variety of outlets to illustrate diverse perspectives about you.

. Link 1

. Link 2

. Link 3

Your TED Prize Wish

What is your TED Prize wish?

. Build online World University and School in all 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries, with free, MIT OCW-centric, university degrees in many languages and countries.

Which categories does the wish best fall under, if any? Choose up to 3, or enter your own.

Education, MIT OCW, Wikipedia

Is this wish at the cutting edge of your discipline? If so, how?

. Yes, because free, online, university degrees, that are MIT- and STEM-centric don't exist, let along in all languages and countries, under one umbrella. As a corollary, 200 law schools under one WUaS umbrella don't also exist.

Describe the team – current or future – that you imagine helping you execute on your Prize plan

. Current Board Members ...

. great universities' focus

. hiring graduate student instructors (who may become professors eventually) from great universities in all languages to build out WUaS, and teach online in conjunction with MIT faculty (, using the Conference Method of Teaching and Learning (

. at least as big, or bigger, in the English language, as the 180,000 people employed by the University of California, but beginning perhaps with as many team members, each, in the 6 United Nations' languages, and grow from there into all languages.

If you were to win the TED Prize, what would you realistically have to show after one year? What are the early wins?

. matriculated, undergraduate class of 2000 students, in English, taking MIT OCW video courses engaging the conference method ... with MIT / Harvard graduate students instructing

The $1 million award will be paid out on a timeline of up to three years in order to match the needs of the winner and the pace of the project. How do you imagine the $1 million might be apportioned and paced, in your case?

. building out degrees, and in many languages, and infrastructure for this ...

Leveraging the TED Community

How familiar are you with the TED ecosystem? Among the TED community, TEDx organizers are a passionate and action oriented group of collaborators who would be excited to support the TED Prize.

They tend to be self-starters, hard workers, and highly creative—and they’re spread out all over the world. How do you imagine engaging them through your wish?

. would love to give talks around the world to find overachieving students, and to invite wiki engagement ...

How do you imagine engaging the public beyond TED, in the realization of your wish?

. finding overachievers, as well as volunteer teachers and editors at large

Anything else we should know about you?

. WUaS would like to develop a Music School, for instruction and jamming ... in all 7,105+ languages with a wiki page for each musical instrument.

. I play the bagpipes"


The TED Prize is for 1 million dollars over 3 years ...

WUaS would no longer be stunted with such monies ...


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