Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Indian Peafowl: Looking forward to seeing WUaS Board Members in Portland, Oregon, at the ReedFayre reunion this Thursday, (Four of us are Reed Alumni), Developing Reedie Networks,, Steve Jobs, Reed and Scaling Large

Hi G, G, and D,

Looking forward to seeing you in Portland, Oregon, at the ReedFayre reunion from this Thursday, June 13th, to Sunday, June 16th, or so.

Will you be there, D? (Having traveled with Steve Jobs to India for many months in the mid-1970s, and worked on a recent film about him, you know some of the Reed College Steve Jobs' networks better than most people I think :).

G and I are planning to meet in person, if possible, with Reed President John Kroger (and perhaps with you G or D?) and eventually to talk about Reed and World University and School collaborations, ( per these main points - - which I've also posted below).

One main goal of mine vis-a-vis World University and School is to explore networking with Reed and Reedies over time.

G, G and D: could you please introduce us to well-to-do Reedies who might become part of a WUaS financial team, at this ReedFayre, and over time? Are there any Reedies you would suggest meeting D, if you aren't going?

In what ways can WUaS build on the Steve Jobs' legacy and his 'networks' - long-term Reedie investors in Apple, for example? - vis-a-vis Reed College during this visit?

Perhaps we can get also some good video of us for developing WUaS outreach while at Reed (of places we know Steve Jobs to have hung out, for example).

Per our conversation, G, can you please sign us and World University and School up for the Paideia-like panel?

Let's scale MIT OCW-centric World University and School large.

See you soon ... Portland is sweet in the Spring :)

Best regards,

Dear G,

I called Reed President John Kroger's office today in Portland, Oregon, to inquire about meeting with him this Friday with you (per our conversation about developing a Reed strategy in WUaS's business meeting on Saturday and before) for 10 minutes or so to talk about Reed and World University and School collaborations, (per these main points -

I left a message inquiring about our meeting together with him on their machine, mentioning some of the points in this blog entry above, as well as your name.

Their email address is - - if you'd like to follow up with an email (before or after their reply), also per our previous conversations, and I'll let you know when and what I hear back from them.

I hope part of our potential meeting with President Kroger and other Reedies over the ReedFayre Reunion can lead to monies.

And can WUaS build on the Steve Jobs' legacy and 'networks' vis-a-vis Reed College?

See you Thursday at the airport in Portland!

Best regards,

Hi G,

The Reed President's Office may well not call back, - this being a busy time for them. And perhaps we should plan on meeting John Kroger together in a more ad hoc fashion during one of the days at ReedFayre, until we hear from them.

It also might make sense to set up a WUaS 'Paideia' (open teaching and learning) panel time - per the Reed email about this - independently of any call back from them. Per a Reed 'Paideia' panel, my Android smartphone, and with its holder, takes video, (stationary - and even does group video conferencing in a G+ Hangout if helpful - postable here - which could be helpful for WUaS outreach to the Reed Community and "Across the Universe."

Hoping too to make a brief, video introduction to WUaS for 11th grader, prospective overachieving students interested in a free, MIT OCW-centric undergraduate education here soon - - perhaps at Reed, which I just cleaned up a little recently.


Here are some items at the top of my WUaS Reed agenda (as well as for a Paideia-like event):

- open a long-term WUaS collaboration with Reed

- Hum 110 in live video with various professors (MWF 9-1030 am Pacific Time), and with Reed instruction to WUaS graduate student instructors (ideally Reedies matriculated as graduate students elsewhere - especially at MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge, and other great universities - and these, particular - for teaching the conference method in G+ Hangouts ... accessible live online in the United States and Malaysia (where G grew up), for example, for creating online university community and developing WUaS teaching and learning method online

- Reedie donors for hiring Reedie WUaS interns

- new Reedie Board members

- WUaS graduate programs as collaboration - Ph.D. (2015), law (2016) and M.D. (2017), all in English, to begin - with Reedies as prospective, online students ... like Stanford and Berkeley, etc.

- Reedies with other languages (as 1st language) hired as interns for WUaS's 7105 languages and 204 countries, each a wiki-subject-page-school to begin


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