Monday, July 29, 2013

Bee in Poppy: Quakers, Accreditation and World University and School, "Green Light" from BPPE, The next steps

Hi Sebastian,

Nice to see you today at Berkeley Friends Church. (I'm listening to J.S. Bach's Invention # 8 as I write this :)).

I just talked with Dave on Thursday in person about accreditation and World University and School, (he had asked me to email him the initial accreditation forms a few weeks ago), and he's focusing on writing / editing two books at the moment, so isn't available to help with the writing involved in this Quaker-informed, MIT OCW-centric WUaS accreditation process at the moment. Dave also isn't available to be the Chief Academic Officer, either nominally or in a participatory manner, on the BPPE forms at present.

I'm including the web sites and some of the BPPE and WASC accreditation forms below for your reference, without as yet any resources about accrediting an online WUaS Law School or online WUaS Medical School. As clerk of San Francisco Friends' Meeting, I wonder if there might be a way for you to inquire with San Francisco Friends' School and Woolman Semester and related Friends, as well as Pacific Yearly Meeting, about co-authoring some of this.

I know today you mentioned how you're participating in a nominating committee meeting at PYM at 2 pm on Monday afternoon, and wonder if you might be able to bring up this accreditation process with them, as well, for example.

Here are the forms:

BPPE (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education) -

WASC senior (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) -

IB Programme (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) -

I also talked recently with a prospective Chief Operating Officer, (who went to Stanford, and would be a really good COO), who might be willing to take on this position, or more, - so we potentially have one of the names we need for the BPPE documents.

See you at Meeting tomorrow, and looking forward to exploring these possibilities further!

Quaker-informed World University and School will help so many people worldwide, and its emergence from San Francisco Friends' Meeting would be a real feather in both the Meetings' and your caps!  And Friends have such a rich and remarkable history of creating Quaker schools, at all levels, except perhaps at the graduate and professional ones!

With Friendly regards,

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