Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clanwilliam Cedar: Thank you to Sherri Maurin for being an exhibitor at FGC in Colorado on behalf of WUaS, Information for Prospective Students

Dear Friends at SFFM,

Thank you so much to Sherri Maurin for being an exhibitor at Friends' General Conference in Colorado on behalf of Quaker-informed World University and School this past week.

Together we made a new, first, outreach video for prospective World University and School students (11th and 12th graders) applying this autumn to matriculate in the autumn of 2014 - - and which you'll also find here, along with a flyer.

This is an historic opportunity for students interested in free, online, MIT OCW-centric, university degrees, at World University and School.

Here are the Admissions' page at WUaS as well as related, upcoming, degree-program links on the Admissions' page at WUaS:

Admissions at WUaS ...

Related degree-program links at Admissions at WUaS ...

Here are some WUaS outreach things for prospective students to do:

- Please send your contact information to World University and School, - if you are interested in applying to  WUaS this autumn 2013.

- Watch this new, outreach VIDEO  "FGC WUaS F/friendly outreach in Colorado, FAQs" - - Yea !!!

- Stay tuned to the WUaS Youtube channel with this above video - - and with new WUaS channel art!

For planning purposes, students would be taking 32 of these MIT OCW courses over 4 years -

MIT OCW audio and video - (check out an individual course) - engaging the interactive

Conference Method - -

in something like Google + group video Hangouts - -

for a free, online, accrediting, MIT OCW-centric, bachelor's degree.

Students will purchase their own books and computers, and probably be living at home, in the neighborhoods where they went to high school.

WUaS FAQs are here online - - and they are printable from this page, albeit small.

With F/friendly greetings,


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