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Giant Pandas: SPICES - Simplicity, Peace, Integrity (Honesty), Community, Equality, and Stewardship, Quaker-informed WUaS's mission and vision to provide online, MIT OCW-centric, universal education, with university and high school degrees

SPICES: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity (Honesty), Community, Equality, and Stewardship

How is World University and School Quaker-informed?

Besides open, WUaS monthly business meeting, in the manner of Friends, - online, hour-long and welcoming (2nd Saturdays of the month at 9am Pacific Time) - with now a years' long history,

and these WUaS f/Friendly, wiki, Subject pages ...

Peace and Social Justice, wiki, Subject page - -
(was )- as well as the -

Nonviolence, wiki, Subject page - -
(was )- and the -

Quakers, wiki, Subject page -  -

and extensible, - anyone can create further, wiki, Subject pages at WUaS ...

Friendly testimonies also inform WUaS, and in all 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries.

These include ...

SPICES: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity (Honesty), Community, Equality, and Stewardship

See the writings about the Testimonies on the Quakers' wiki page at WUaS about Friendly Testimonies (as kinds of historic witnesses, values or principles influencing Quaker thinking and practice), and here, too ...

An Introduction to Quaker Testimonies.

Quaker testimonies.

Quaker Testimonies.

The Quaker Testimonies.

S-P-I-C-E-S: The Quaker Testimonies.

This last Friends' Journal article explores Quaker testimonies in the modern world, including in terms of education and the media. Both of its authors are involved in a Quaker school in Connecticut.

As someone with nontheistically f/Friendly leanings and leadings, the above f/Friendly testimonies, for me, aren't informed by cultural or textual understandings of the divine. What's fascinating to me about Quaker language is how, out of history, most/much of its language can be understood multivalently, without reference to God, etc., for example.

With nontheistically Friendly leadings, I would add these to the above Friendly Testimonies -

"Like traditional Friends, nontheist Friends are actively interested in realizing centered peace, simplicity, integrity, community, equality, love, joy, - as neurophysiologies {e.g. loving bliss} - and social justice in the Society of Friends and beyond" ...

from ... much of which I drafted and which I also began - where you'll also find a WUaS link to the 'Nontheist Friends (atheist Quakers),' wiki, Subject page - (was  ) ...

including especially love and joy and social justice (the latter of which is very much part of Quaker history and practice).

In Quaker-informed World University and School's mission and vision to provide online, MIT OCW-centric, universal education, with university and high school degrees in many, many languages and countries, and as a wiki school in each of all 7,097+ living languages and 204+ countries, for people-to-people teaching and learning, WUaS seeks to come into conversation with these testimonies, particularly in the name of peace or nonharming, as we grow.


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