Friday, August 9, 2013

Bog turtle: Invitation to WUaS monthly business meeting on 10 August 2013 online at 9 am PDT - 2nd Saturdays of the month, open, free and welcoming ... for participating in developing a free, online World University and School

August 10 Business Meeting - Agenda - at World University and School

World University and School
{Open} Business Meeting – Agenda (hour-long meeting)
Saturday, August 10, 2013
9 am, Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Universitians, 


World University and School received an OCW Translation Affiliate agreement (with actual paperwork) last week from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to explore a pilot project of translating MIT OCW into Indonesian, and WUaS moved forward with this with an online meeting with Tito Dimas, a WUaS Board Member and lecturer at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, on August 7th (Here's a video of this plus more - Tito Dimas in Indonesia asked during this conversation 'Where's the student college application for free, MIT OCW-centric degrees in English?" (for Indonesians and for prospective students in the U.S. and for all interested prospective students), which WUaS is now in the process of developing. (WUaS is not endorsed by MIT OCW).

WUaS is taking out its first 34-word advertisement in the Quaker publication "Western Friend" for 3 issues this autumn, which reads - "Quaker-informed World University and School - - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, seeks high school students to apply this autumn 2013 to matriculate online in autumn 2014 for free, MIT OCW-centric, undergraduate degrees." You'll find an introductory video on this page, as well as the MIT OCW courses in video, a WUaS wiki page in the Conference Method and G+ Hangout information, for planning purposes.

Fundraising News

WUaS needs to raise $5,000 to pay BPPE (state of California) and an initial $12,500 to pay WASC senior (which also accredits Stanford and UC Berkeley and about 160 other colleges and universities, mostly on the west coast) just to begin the accreditation process in the next months, to be able to let prospective undergraduate students know WUaS has begun accreditating. 

I'm very glad to say WUaS just received a commitment to donate this summer another $100, from WUaS friends in Connecticut. 


Thank you for joining the World University and School team. WUaS would like to invite you to participate in our hour-long, monthly, business meeting this Saturday, August 10th, beginning at 9 a.m., Pacific Coast Time / 12 noon East Coast Time. 

This month we'll meet online in a Google + group video hangout, (with its 2 channels for communication, via group video and group text chat, opening opportunities for communication).  And this month, I'll send out a second email a few minutes prior to 9am PT, to our entire WUaS email list with the actual web address / URL of the Google + group video Hangout. 

You'll also find the Hangout posted here - at WUaS's G+ profile page findable by searching in Google + on Here's an example of a WUaS Google + video hangout business meeting from April 2013, - "World University and School monthly business meeting" - You'll find other good examples as well as a good overview of WUaS, from a Stanford Coursera course I took in last autumn called "Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship" on World University and School's YouTube video channel - - and here - WUaS's active blog is here -

The agenda for the upcoming, August, 2013 WUaS, monthly, business meeting is here: 

Please let me know if you'd like to receive the treasurer's report from July 2013, or receive occasional emails from WUaS. 

The next, open, hour-long, WUaS, monthly business meeting is on Saturday, September 8th, 2013, (and the following one is October 12th, and also the annual business meeting) in a Google + Hangout. 

For people on the sporadic, somewhat frequent, WUaS, email list, or who wish to be, WUaS is going to start posting actively to both the WUaS Google Group (, and the WUaS Yahoo Group (, both of which allow for daily and weekly digests. Please join these groups for daily and weekly digests. 

World University and School is looking for a new, Board member to focus on fundraising, and to actually bring in significant monies for WUaS, which you'll see on the above agenda. 

Concerning this WUaS team email list, we'll generally send out an email once a month. If you'd like to receive more frequent, sporadic, WUaS emails, please reply to this email telling me so. If you could, please REPLY with UNSUBSCRIBE, or an alternative email address, if you wish NOT to receive WUaS's emails, or receive them in a different email account, - and WUaS would be very grateful. 

Free, Creative Commons' licensed, online, wiki WUaS, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, is planned for all 3,000-8,000 languages and for around 200 countries, with free degrees accrediting on C.C. MIT OpenCourseWare+, and will help many, many people.  

World University and School would like to become the MIT / Harvard of the Internet, and in all 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries, with online, Creative Commons' licensed MIT OCW-centric, university degrees.

Thank you again for your interest in helping grow World University and School. 

All the best, 



- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President 
- Tel. 415 480 4577 - P.O. Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, CA 94516 - 
- World University and School - like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare (not endorsed by MIT OCW) - is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, educational organization. 

Google + main, WUaS page - - 

World University and School is sending you this because of your interest in free, online, higher education. If you don't want to receive these, please reply with 'remove' in the subject line. Thank you. 


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