Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sumatran tigers: Language(s) and translation at WUaS and WUaS MIT OCW into Indonesian as a pilot program ... MIT OCW translation affiliate program

Language(s) and translation at World University and School

WUaS MIT OCW into Indonesian ...

World University and School is glad to have received an affiliation agreement with MIT OCW this past week to begin translating WUaS MIT OCW into Indonesian, since WUaS inquired with MIT OCW, and one of WUaS's Board Members is a lecturer at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, and offered to co-facilitate this.

Here's a paragraph from MIT OCW translation affiliate program's recent email to WUaS:

"Because of the nature of our translation affiliate program, the use of MIT's name, and the long term relationship that would be established with OCW, there is a vetting process that is required before any agreement is signed.  It typically takes about one to two years before we can move from a pilot agreement to a general agreement. In this time period, we will work with you to choose the first ten courses to translate, and also understand your quality assurance process.  MIT students who are fluent in Indonesian will review the translations for accuracy and work with your translators if there are concerns with the translations."

{Upon vetting and with this first Indonesian step, WUaS would like to begin to explore facilitating translating MIT OCW into many, many of the 7,105+ languages in the world, if possible, and as part of WUaS's mission, and for bachelor (2014), Ph.D. (2015), law (2016) and M.D. (2017) degrees in many languages}.


What are the first, WUaS steps in MIT OCW translation in conversation with WUaS's Board Member Indonesia?

- For the ten MIT OCW courses that we'll first plan to translate, find ten lecturers and experts to each facilitate the translation of a course.

- Try to translate a week's worth of MIT OCW according to the following calendar.

- Send it to MIT Indonesian students according to the following related calendar.

- Begin a conversation in Indonesia with the Ministry of Education about what would be necessary for accreditation there.

- Invite, concurrently with translation of 10 courses over the next 1-2 years, Indonesian students who would like to begin undergraduate and graduate degrees in English in 2014 and 2015, to apply this autumn 2013; they may eventually help to translate these MIT OCW courses into Indonesian.


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