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Helmet Vanga - Euryceros prevosti: Interesting Harvard talk - 'Cooperation in a Peer Production Economy: Experimental Evidence from Wikipedia,' FB, social networking sites, and identity, Actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic research, Bhutan at WUaS

Interesting talk yesterday on measuring Wikipedia ...

Hergueux, Jerome. 2013. [ Cooperation in a Peer Production Economy: Experimental Evidence from Wikipedia]. December 3. Cambridge, MA:

Scott_WUaS: I wonder if they're beginning to do Wikipedia interlingual studies with such experiments.

[09:52am] Scott_WUaS: ... will add this talk - (accessed here - - to World University and School's 'Economics' wiki, Subject page - - and 'Wiki,' subject page -

[10:04am] Scott_WUaS: ... will also add this to the 'Experimentation' wiki Subject ... ...

[10:18am] Scott_WUaS: It's been ironically very hard to link World University and School with Wikipedia ... Wikipedia's loss in the hyperlinked world of the internet? ... "we need those administrators to protect ... " says Jerome ... don't think the way Jerome has framed this study gets at some of the implications of such losses in linking and connectivity ...

[10:23am] Scott_WUaS: The only link to World University and School in Wikipedia that I know of, for example, is in the Nontheist Friend / Nontheist Quaker entry ... in Wikipedia, in both English and Spanish ... and ... (There are probably 1000s or 10s of 1000s of such examples, I'd hypothesize ... in English in Wikipedia)

[10:25am] Scott_WUaS: Heather Ford?

[10:27am] Scott_WUaS: wrote papers on why articles are deleted in Wikipedia ... suggesting local knowledge may be at issue in terms of Wikipedia 'notability' requirements

[10:27am] Scott_WUaS: 'inherent bias of those administrators' ? per next question?

[10:31am] Scott_WUaS: "What's the base of the trust?" in an experiment using money?

[10:34am] Scott_WUaS: Dave Winer - the wrong conclusion seems to be that "Administrators aren't motivated by altruism" ... "Everybody seems to be focusing on Wikipedia administrators" ... interesting, said Jerome.


Hi Julia (and James, who might also be interested in some of these internet items),

Very nice to talk with you yesterday at yet another edifying Stanford Brown Bag, Julia.

Nicole Ellison at the University of Michigan is the researcher I mentioned who studies FB and social networking sites. See - - and - http://www- She also was a faculty member at Michigan State University.

And here's one, related paper on FB, social networking sites, and identity from -

And danah boyd's research is relevant to your questions - e.g

I'm curious to learn of social science researchers who have begun to focus on G+ group video Hangouts and identity, community and in specific languages. Please let me know of them as you may learn of any, and I'll do the same.

Here is the links' section at the 'Internet Studies' wiki, subject page at WUaS - - with many, related, wiki, subject pages.

My actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic research, and eventual studies of online Harbin communities, in virtual worlds will eventually involve building a virtual Harbin, to explore creating the Harbin experience of soaking in the warm pool, perhaps experienceable from our own bathtubs, and doesn't engage social networking sites and identity questions per se presently. My 400 page book manuscript which I'm revising currently comes into conversation with Tom Boellstorff's "Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human" (Princeton 2008) and focuses on questions of Harbin's milieu as influenced by its warm waters and the 1960s, with 'counterculture,' if you will, emerging in response to modernity in California. I'm currently writing about questions of the 'actual' and 'virtual.' I see Harbin as emerging from a kind of 'hippie to the hot springs' on the road, freedom-wise.

The 'Bhutan,' wiki subject page at World University and School will be accessible here - - and will eventually become an online, MIT OCW-centric, wiki university or school in main languages there, which will become accessible here -

Here's an interesting Bhutanese friends' site - ' - Connecting Bhutanese Friends across the globe' - .

Have a great holiday if I don't see you before the New Year.


(I also use the gmail addresses and related G+ profiles above a fair amount).


Hi Julia,

Here are the beginnings of an online, wiki, C.C. MIT OCW-centric Bhutan University and School in Bhutanese / Dzongkha language (not yet in Dzongkha) ...


Bhutanese / Dzongkha language:

These are accessible from Languages and Nation States at WUaS ...


Nation States:

Thanks again for facilitating very edifying, Stanford Anthropology Brown Bags!

Best wishes and cheers,


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