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Cormorants: Museum Collection Software? Minnesota Historical Society Wiki - Placeography, "Historical Societies Open Teaching and Learning Resources" at wiki WUaS, Open source, easy to use, wiki museum and library indexing software, Could WUaS eventually shape this?, Vis-a-vis the Cuttyhunk Historical Society, as an example, I'd like to see ...

... was looking for open source, easy to use, wiki museum and library indexing software for a small museum and archive, which software would also interface with other online libraries and museum software the other day (and which is Creative Commons' licensed, and in all languages) ...

Something like this, so wiki, but for display of collection, and in all languages, (and where indexing of collection might articulate with all collections in all museums/libraries):

===Select Museums===

'''Examples of Museum Wikis'''

Minnesota Historical Society Wiki. 2014. [ Placeography]. MN:

(from "Historical Societies Open Teaching and Learning Resources" at wiki WUaS: ).


Could WUaS eventually write and create this, partly as wiki, and include nice display and design features of museum and archived objects (Google Art Project plus - or DPLA - - or Europeana - ), and meet developing online standards, and for all languages and countries (which WUaS may further define)?


And focus on the small historical society / museum ...


I found these resources online yesterday for this ...

===Select Programs, Applications, Languages, Software===

'''Museum Collection Software'''

CollectiveAccess. 2014. [ CollectiveAccess]. (CollectiveAccess is software for describing all manner of things, and allows you to create catalogues that closely conform to your needs without custom programming).


Museum Archive software project. 2014. [ Museum Archive software project].

Omeka. 2014. [ Omeka - Serious Web Publishing]. (Create complex narratives and share rich collections, adhering to Dublin Core standards with Omeka on your server, designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts). (

Past Perfect Museum Software. 2014.

Top Museum Software Products. 2014. [ Top Museum Software Products]. .


===Select References===

'''Museum Collection Software'''

Anyone Using Open Source Collections Management Software?. 2009. [ Anyone Using Open Source Collections Management Software?].

Bowen, Jonathan P., [ Wiki Software and Facilities for Museums]. United Kingdom:

Museum Collection Software. 2014. [ Museum Collection Software].

Open-Source Museum Software. 2013. [ Open-Source Museum Software].

(also on "Historical Societies Open Teaching and Learning Resources" at wiki WUaS: ).


Vis-a-vis the Cuttyhunk Historical Society/Elizabeth Islands Museum, as an example:

I'd like an easy to make crowd-sourced and wiki-informed master index of what's in this CHS archive/museum (I don't think the CHS has a comprehensive, easily accessible list of holdings, and after more than 25 years);

I'd like for folks to be able to do this / add to this (including adding to the searchable resources in the index) from anywhere;

I'd like folks to be able to add their own memories (which could include hundreds of different people) to specific items in a kind of wiki format;

I'd like it to have presentation capabilities - to be an online museum, beautifully designed and coded for the web;

I'd like this to be eventually viewable in 3D interactive movie-realism in something like the Oculus Rift (digital mask / goggles), and even a form of wiki (editable web pages) here;


Building on Wikidata / Wikipedia and meeting developing international standards would probably make the most sense, as one option ...


In addition to "Historical Societies Open Teaching and Learning Resources" at wiki WUaS: ,

see, too:



Library Resources:


O for good, well coded (like Google's coding), free, open CC museum collection software, and in all languages, and possibly inter-indexed in all of them too.



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