Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shadbush: World University and School, MIT OCW and Boston-area ahead ... A Harvard Internet-centric community vis-a-vis WUaS

Hi Jaini,

Your wedding reunion with Wellesley friends sounds wonderful ... it's so very nice to come together with classmates again and again.

You'll receive some emails probably on Thursday July 10th, as well as just before the actual conference call on Saturday morning, July 12th about the upcoming monthly business meeting (with the agenda to appear here a few days prior to business meeting - http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/). Very glad we're emailing together about all of this.

Talking with Jay B after July 25th makes sense. (Stanford where he studied as an undergraduate has such a great learning ethos in my experience). Looking forward to communicating with him in a few weeks perhaps.

One other item to add to the list you wrote down on the plane, in addition especially to growing an incoming first (historic) free MIT-centric undergraduate WUaS class, in English first, is to begin writing the accreditation documentation; I've had extended conversations with both the state of California's educational accrediting agency (BPPE), as well as the WASC senior (which accredits Stanford and Berkeley) accrediting agency, about this.

What a great fortuitous meeting with President Emerita DCW you had! I / WUaS have met twice in person in Cambridge with the External Relations Director at MIT OCW, Steve Carson (who's now at OpenPediatrics in Boston), and WUaS would indeed be very interested in great communications with, for example, MIT OCW Executive Director, (and eventually MIT President Rafael Reif and edX/MITx President and Professor Anand Agarwal over time), and other important MIT OCW and related people, especially as we begin to move from Wikia to MediaWiki/Wikidata/Wikibase in multiple languages (and your sister perhaps too).

Not only is WUaS Creative Commons' 3.0 licensed, like MIT OCW and Wikipedia, I think, WUaS is also planning for all 7,106 languages and 242 countries as wiki schools, with free university degrees in large languages, and so we're a 'growth story' for MIT OCW, for Wikimedia as well as for Creative Commons itself. Wikipedia is in at least 300 languages, and they've just created and are deploying a C.C. inter-lingual database, and MIT OCW is translated into at least 8 non-English languages. It would be especially wonderful to be in direct communication with Wellesley President Emerita DCW and MIT.

Have a glance again at the 12 main areas here - http://worlduniversityandschool.org - which are integral to WUaS as we develop.

There are some far reaching opportunities in getting WUaS going. And you seem to be a wonderful organizer. And WUaS would like to become the free MIT / Harvard / Stanford / Oxbridge of the Internet, in all languages and countries with free C.C. degrees in large languages and most countries. (Check out this budding community in a relatively new center affiliated as Harvard Law as a community-building direction WUaS would like to head in - http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/newsroom/2014_2015_community).

Stay focused on your GMATs, have a wonderful time in Greece, and very nice to be communicating with you in email. Looking forward to the 12th as well as to ongoing communication before then, if that would be unfoldingly helpful.



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