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Erythronium dens-canis: Talking about WUaS at Reed College and at Multnomah Monthly Meeting (Quakers) this weekend in Oregon, Heading up the northern California and Oregon coasts to Portland - Nice to be on the road, It isn't easy to GROCK this - - GO SURFING ... on the web for something that you love which is instructive, Find a WUaS subject that relates to this and add this to a WUaS Subject here -, Will Durant's "The Life of Greece" book as an example, Build an Android app using the IBM Bluemix, Friendly Teens and WUaS degrees

Heading up the northern California and Oregon coasts to Portland to talk about World University and School at Reed College and at Multnomah Monthly Meeting (Quakers) this weekend. Nice to be on the road.

I'll be giving a Reed College Paideia class ( on Saturday, January 17th and Sunday the 18th, at 1 pm as well as an outreach presentation to the Quaker Multnomah Monthly Meeting in Portland, OR, on January 16th at 5 pm. Stop by if you're interested -

Here's the Reed College Paideia course description:

- Best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare wiki World University and School: How Reedies can wiki-teach here and eventually develop WUaS as interns

A Paideia course on how Reedies can teach and develop Creative Commons’ licensed WUaS, which is like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare, in wiki-subjects that they love. This course will share in a hands-on manner 1) how to curate, edit, add to and develop a WUaS wiki subject page to develop further expertise in that area, 2) how to start a new WUaS wiki subject page as a creative opportunity, 3) how to begin teaching in a Google + group video Hangout and 4) possibly in 3D interactive virtual worlds, if there’s interest and time.

Here's the Multnomah Monthly Meeting description:

- Friendly Best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare wiki (editable web pages) World University and School presentation to MMM Friends, especially teens interested in free online college 

In this presentation and as a kind of Friendly leading, I'll share with Multnomah Friends particularly about the free planned undergraduate MIT OCW-centric degrees at startup Quaker-informed wiki online World University and School - (see the FGC video here for further information) - as well as other free Friendly creative wiki teaching and learning opportunities. Sharing and Q&A time in the second half of the hour.

Further information about these also here -


It isn't easy to grock this - -

planned for all languages (7,870), and best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare university in large languages and most countries (242) ...

and especially where YOU  can teach.


For Reedies ...

So, hands on ... hands on the key board ...

Go surfing ... on the web ...

Find a Youtube video or web page (seek out highest quality resources - arete and virtu) which teaches something about which you love ...

Find a WUaS subject that relates to this, or begin one at ...
Subjects at WUaS ...

and add this to a Subject here at WUaS.


I'm going to use Will Durant's "The Life of Greece" book as an example.

Durant, Will. 1939. The Life of Greece. (In the Story of Civilization). (In audio cassette, as well). New York, NY: Simon and Schuster.

and add this to the

Humanities wiki subject at WUaS -

(It's already posted at the Ancient Greece WUaS wiki subject / school -, for example).


Or you could write this program at WUaS -

Build an Android app using the IBM Mobile Data for Bluemix cloud service

... added this to ...

the Programming wiki subject/school at WUaS ... check out all the great MIT OCW here -




For f/Friendly Teens and Friends:

Here's an example of the lectures you'll be engaging -

Lec 1 | MIT 6.002 Circuits and Electronics, Spring 2007 

And here's an example of a Google + Hangout and conversation -

FGC WUaS F/friendly outreach in Colorado, FAQs


And here are some Friendly related wiki subjects for open teaching and learning ...

Ahimsa - Nonharming - Nonviolence - To avoid violence:

Caring and Loving:

Consensus Decision Making:

Investing - Socially Responsible:

Nontheist Friends (atheist Quakers?):

Peace and Social Justice Studies:

Quakers - Religious Society of Friends:

Religious Studies:


And you can do this at the WUaS Music School - - for example, as a Reedie or Friendly intern,

... or create in so many other related ways, teaching and learning-wise, at WUaS ...


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