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Agalinis: Reed College- WUaS Strategic Partnership Developments, Glad to hear that ONLINE WUaS federal work study (FWS) work is workable with the Reed's Financial Aid office, To begin FWS Interns at WUaS will ...

Hi Scott,

Reed's Financial Aid office was unable to respond to your inquiry for off-campus FWS given the information I provided them. Here's what they said:

Online is ok, (for example if they are teaching online etc...) but neither Leslie and I could figure out what the person might be doing exactly. Could they send over a detailed job description? The educational services must be free and open to the public as well (no fees).

Could you please send a detailed job description that adhers to FWS federal guidelines -- free & open to the public program where there is no proselytizing, no fundraising, no political work) and includes a description of how online work hours will be tracked and approved by you?

Thank you, Scott.

All the best,


Hi Merry, 

Thanks very much for your email. I'm really glad to hear that online WUaS federal work study (FWS) work is workable with the Reed's Financial Aid office. 

To begin, FWS Interns will 
  • Aggregate & curate online content to become familiar with WUaS as Wiki - in all of these wiki (editable) Subjects - - and eventually in many languages (and eventually too in these ~12 main areas WUaS areas - - (part way down))
  • Explain about WUaS
  • Grade - (
  • may Instruct – e.g. create a video about what you wrote your Reed thesis on, for example, and add this to a WUaS wiki subject, or create a video about how World University and School works in all of WUaS' many, many facets, planned languages and countries
See, too - 

All of the above would happen in each academic wiki subject, as well as in each creative wiki subject - with a focus on open wiki teaching and learning. 

World University this autumn will also be developing the application / registration process for applicants applying to accrediting online (CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC-centric) WUaS degree programs, probably much in Google Apps for Education (which WUaS just got for free amazingly -, so Reedie FWSs will be helping to develop this. Both World University's a) wiki side (open editable web pages) and b) degree sides (accrediting on best STEM-centric Creative Commons' licensed open course ware) are and will be "free & open to the public program where there is no proselytizing, no fundraising, no political work."

World University is also planning to keep track of FWS students in Google Apps for Education in Google Sheets to begin. 

While both the above broad initial job description, as well as keeping track of WUaS FWS students, are first steps, startup WUaS would welcome coming further into conversation with you (and the Reed College Financial office) about refining these.

I'll be at Reed from W June 10 - Su June 14 at Reunions. Might I stop by your office on Thursday, June 11 sometime to say hi and talk further? 

Thank you again. 

All the best, 



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