Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Snow Leopard: SF Quaker Meeting presentation Afghanistan Girls School - Care with Education for People in Refugee camps, Afghanistan WUaS, Pashto language, Urdu language, Admissions all at WUaS, Seeking English speaking-Afghani children to matriculate online in autumn 2016 for CC bachelor's degree, Travel around the world on outreach for WUaS, and add crafts to the WUaS Bookstore / Computer store at WUaS while underway (in a Google-made store in all 8,000 languages?)

I attended an interesting SF Quaker Meeting presentation about a Friendly-informed Afghanistan Girls' School project in a refugee camp - http://www.afghangirlsschool.org - on Sunday and was inspired by both the success of the two schools there which have been going for 13 years now, as well as possible WUaS collaboration with them in terms of the WUaS Bookstore / Computer store.


Here's an email I sent to the presenter and Friend,

Hi Per, 

Thanks so much for a great Afghan Girls' School film and Q&A yesterday at SFFM and very nice to meet you. 

Here's the beginning Afghanistan World University and School - 
http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Afghanistan - with much MIT OpenCourseWare, which WUaS plans to offer for credit, but not yet in any other languages besides English. 

Here's the Pashto language World University and School - 

Here's the Urdu language World University and School - 

And WUaS is looking for high achieving Afghani high school students to apply online this autumn to WUaS for free, CC (Creative Commons' licensed) undergraduate degrees first in English - 

see Admissions at WUaS presently -  

but interested students can add their names here - 

How might we best talk further about possible collaborations in terms of your great work -http://afghangirlsschool.org - and this Friendly-informed WUaS online free university degree opportunity? 

Thank you again. 

Friendly greetings, 


Like Per, who had a table of Afghan crafts and beautiful art laid out for sale in the QMeeting room after her presentation, I think it would be fun and great to travel around the world for outreach for WUaS, and add crafts and art for sale in the process to the Bookstore / Computer store at WUaS while underway (in a Google-designed store in all 8,000 languages especially), thus supporting local communities as well as helping to benefit World University and School.

beginning Bookstore / Computer store at WUaS -



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