Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beech trees: Open Band Berkeley (@TheOpenBand) - SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING - Animation ... Scottish Country Dancing at World University, The BBBS aka the Bees also known as the bees knees but not the beetles - new name?

Open Band Berkeley (@TheOpenBand) - SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING - Animation ...


The Hit Charade
An algorithm might create a playlist you enjoy, but don’t mistake that for creativity.

By Will Knight on September 22, 2015

(Betsy, Barbara, Barb and Scott, L-R in the photo above)

L's a great SCD teacher but quite shy

Liking that high lonesome sound I heard in the first tunes  ... how to explore further? ... and for happiness generation? (will listen to more bluegrazs)?

Wanting to get out ny Rise Up Singing to find lyrics for singing with some P&B tunes

Fun to play together ... you 3 are quite good together

Thanks for taking the photos R ... (I'll add them to the Open Band's Twitter if ghat's ok)

Thank you


Hi BBBS & R,That was fun, and thanks again for the BBBS band music-making opportunity ... lots to think about ...

It's a great idea: how best to create a SCD piping tune book for both A and D chanters (for us to play together- )? (A tune book in particular for the Scottish Small Pipe's D chanter - and for making chords that sound good with the SSP drones in A and D - would be invaluable!)

How to write in chord/base lines (perhaps talking with H, P and J)?

How to use the free MuseScore composition software - - re BarbaraS's transposition (in whatever software) of James MacLellan's Favourite and Cutting Bracken (and Skyeman's Jig plus other jigs I sent you?)? 6/8 Marches are particularly lyrical to me re the 4/4 PM Tom MacAllister/Links of Forth I shared... will share some favorites with time. They've got a kind of swing or swagger. Does anyone here use MuseScore?

How to compose beautiful harmonizing lines (with chord lines as a reference)? ... and for a kind of chamber folk music even for two violins, flute and small pipe or piano, since we seem to focusing sensibly on legible sheet music.

How to get Jenny Dang, Ale is Dear, High Road to Linton into up to speed to quick time for me?

I'd like to explore unlocking and playing the piano itself next time as well, if possible, in the lower hall - and to open the way to Barbara S having access to a keyboard as well (since I'll have mine with me too). (I'm gradually playing keyboard with my right hand too:)

How to add singing to all of this (perhaps not in SCD itself) as another harmonizing line (and with Rise Up Singing lyrics)?
And thanks for the opportunity to learn by doing, and gradually - and to play with you.
See you Monday :)

Musical cheers,



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