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Wild Bactrian camel: [Wikidata] Donation of CC World University & School (WUaS) to celebrate CC Wikidata's 3rd birthday!, version of World University and School MediaWiki, Wikidata:Third_Birthday/Presents

Dear Lydia, Markus, Magnus, Runa (of the Languages' Engineering Team) and Wikidatans,

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Re: Donation of CC World University & School (WUaS) to celebrate CC Wikidata's 3rd birthday!

After much preparation, CC World University and School is donating CC WUaS's 720 wiki pages in Wikia - and which is accessible here - as well as plans for an all languages and all countries' wiki university and school, to CC Wikidata for and on its third birthday.

At Lydia's suggestion to write this, here too in the following blog link is "World University and School's proposal to prepare to donate WUaS to Wikidata September 2015, World University Realistic Detailed Proposal as a Set of Instructions," a proposal for donating CC World University and School, planned in all 7,941+ languages as wiki schools, as well as WUaS universities (offering Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and M.D. degrees as well as I.B. high school diplomas), and accrediting on CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC to begin, planned online in all - 200 countries' main languages, for Wikidata's 3rd birthday - Law Schools, Medical Schools and related accredited great universities, planned in all countries' main languages, are therefore part of this donation. STEM-centric World University and School seeks to become the Harvard of the Internet in all 7,941+ languages and accredited in all ~259+ countries.

You'll also find this WUaS-Wikidata realistic proposal here in GDocs - - where I'm continuing to add further resources.

Is there a way to turn this donation into a Wikipedia entry even eventually, Lydia? Thank you!

I look forward to further celebrations of Wikidata's 3rd birthday with you, everyone and Wikidatans. Cheers!

Happy birthday, Wikidata! :)

Best regards, Scott


(Here is an version of World University and School MediaWiki -

[Wikidata] Happy 3rd Birthday, Wikidata!

Lydia Pintscher via 

4:29 PM (21 hours ago)

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Hey everyone :)

Today we are celebrating Wikidata's 3rd birthday. I've been with the
project since we started development 3.5 years ago and I can't believe
what a ride it has been and how far we've come.

As for every birthday celebrations are in order. We've created a page
at There you
can find editorials (by Harmonia Amanda, Ash Crow and me) about the
past year and what is coming. Please take a moment to read it. There
you will also find a section for congratulations and wishes, presents
and more.

Here's to many more years of Wikidata. Stay as awesome as you are!


PS: The development team has presents as well. I'll send an email
about them in a few hours. Ohhh the suspense :D

Lydia Pintscher -
Product Manager for Wikidata

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10963 Berlin

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