Monday, December 7, 2015

Behavioral ecology: Exploratorium's ...

Hi Donald,

Exploratorium's line for free day at 1 down Pier 17 was as long as at 10 and the gift shop was much fuller, but I lingered there, found the hippies and Quantum physics' book by a MIT professor, noticed how each toy or book could open worlds, wound my way back through the market at the foot of Market, noticed then that I couldn't make the Canyon arts & crafts' event, got back, ate some chocolate ice cream on Skyline - a whole pint and it was good - and now will play some music. It's a museum for community and awareness actually, it says over the entrance door, of which I took a photo. And it costs $29, or $15 on Thursday nights these days. It's about a 45 minute walk from the Quaker Meeting, and I walked both ways. I thought about setting up an umbrella business on rainy days like today outside, but probably won't go through with this.

Just saying ... 

how are you? :)


I love you and all of your thoughts! Makes me happy and fills me to know and hear from you. Thank you for letting me be part of your world. 

I'm good presently and in flux and questioning again at other times. This transition up North has been a bit of a ....let's just say that I am in reflection a lot....empty-nesting is seriously hard business...miss my kids soo much and know they are in good places and learning to find themselves without me there...freely flying! I'm trying to fly myself and at times find myself almost there, patient I tell myself...figure out what you love most and live in that. 

Looking for community with people but feel that what I can count on most and draw energy from is my connection to nature. And nature I do have in abundance here!!! And Rain!!!!! What a feeling to awaken in the night and step out into my backyard just to feel the rain DROPS on my body. How I have missed the rain! I think given time, an encompassing sense of fulfillment will creep in again into my daily life...just in flux for now...

Hey, so good to hear from you. Sending lots of love, kai🍂

You're so wise, Kai! I love you very much too! ... the chocolate ice cream had coconut milk in it too, and was really good, and I'm  seeking to lose weight ... what about Maui next ... with me too? ... it would still be really rainy ... WUaS with University of California collaboration? ... and Harbin ethnographic book with finalization help from Q Friends in SF here ... then to begin a family :) xo Scott

How's Chloe doing, and is she back at Reed? (It was so nice of her to let me sleep on her floor during Paideia not too long ago! :)


(Kai Weber and I, Scott MacLeod, were students at Reed College from the late 1970s through the first half of the 1980s :).


Hi my dear friend Scott.  Just waking up, to do some Tai Ch'i tho i think i hear rain and morning sitting meditation.

The water is boiling for the softboiled egg and I have shaving cream on my face. One instrument is packed - piano - and meditation was good here ... meeting with Wikimedia Foundation legal director today after WUaS's hive meeting space at AFSC/SFFM  I'm glad to say. Hoping your double meditation was good, Ed.


Exploratorium SF bookstore yesterday - I looked at the Steve Jobs' book and "How the Hippies Saved Physics"


Exploratorium SF a community museum for AWARENESS it says


Exploratorium SF - the line on free day yesterday which goes all the way out Pier 17 - and it's a community museum for AWARENESS it says ... interactive, inspiring science must be assimilated into this ... so I haven't been inside the new Exploratorium on the Embarcadero yet



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