Saturday, December 19, 2015

Formosan black bear: Stanford Law Board event, Taiwan World University and School isn't begun yet, Glottolog's languages currently listing 7,938, Wikipedia's ~ 300 languages, CC MIT OCW in Traditional Chinese, China as well as China Law School at WUaS, Taiwan Law School at WUaS isn't begun yet either

Hi Yu, 

Very nice to talk with you recently. 

Taiwan World University and School isn't begun yet but will be accessible from a page like this - - newly in the New Year in Wikidata, I think. 

And Hakka language WUaS isn't begun yet either but it is listed here - - while Taiwanese language WUaS and Fukinese language WUaS (sp?) aren't yet. Here's Glottolog's languages currently listing 7,938 - - around which WUaS will develop wiki-schools in each of these languages, but beginning with Wikipedia's ~ 300 languages, in these languages too - - many of which already have wiki-communities in those languages. 

And here's CC MIT OCW in Traditional Chinese - - which you'll also find at China World University and School - - along with China Law School at WUaS - - both not yet in Mandarin, or at Mandarin language WUaS - - or in other main languages in China, potentially offering accrediting free best STEM CC OCW degrees (Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and M.D. as well as I.B. high school). 

WUaS seeks to become the Harvard of the Internet with online universities' in most/all countries' main and official languages, and to offer wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all 7,938 + languages (mutual intelligibility being one main definition here). 

May I add this email (or similar) please to both the sporadic (roughly 2-10 emails per week) as well as the monthly business meeting email lists? 

See you in WUaS monthly business meeting in the group video Hangout on January 9th (2nd Saturdays, open and hour-long, conducted loosely in the manner of Quakers/Friends) and potentially at Stanford Law on January 21st as well. 



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