Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mimulus guttatus: What's the ecology of bonobos California post 1960s, legally and in terms of freedom, in the information age in the beginning of the 21st century?

What's the ecology of post 1960s' and 70s' "Bonobos hippies" in California compared with "common chimp hippies," legally - where people are human primates - and in terms of freedom, in the context of the information age and media and a shared ethos of openness, post sexual-revolution, in the beginning of the 21st century?

By Bonobos-oriented hippies compared with common chimp hippies, I'm much referring to a kind of non-harming and intimacy in the former, in contrast to the potential for harming in the latter (see other posts in the blog for related comparisons and vis-a-vis humans); both species are our closest genetic relatives, and as I see it, we have something to learn about why we do what we do from them, as narratives and as biological neurophysiology as well.

By ecology, I'm also including kinds of karma and dharma questions, but wishing to rewrite these folk metaphysics in terms of an almost evolutionary biologically informed contemporary ethos for people living in a developing modern world and the information age, that's both good but also not judgmental (West coast Friendly/Quaker in a sense, per a kind of realism, for one, but also mostly progressive Californians outside this sphere?). How could such a writing of this create new liberties (and acknowledging the benefits of the asceticism of kinds of Patanjalian yoga for example - with its worthwhile "value" of non stealing, for example, as I see it, yet rewrite this asceticism as well) to take into account positive intimacies, for example. Angela and Victor's Yoga especially speaks to me here ... as two voices among so so many in California ...

How could this best give rise to positive families with many happy kids, and in cities, as an expression of this evolutionary biological human primate free envisioning 1960s' beings in an information age ecology ... and to explore generating great happiness in this context?


Went to a holiday party last night in the SF Bay Area where some friends had taken Tantra  - a kind of yoga - workshops (with an intimacy focus) at Harbin, and where this could almost be a kind of spirituality for them, and as a group ... interesting to see that this could be a kind of shared vision, and something to aspire to keep open among friends, and even inter-generationally, but possibly only within some stands of this family ...


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