Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eurasian lynx: What do the MIT Media Lab and Wikidata do in terms of hiring 10 hr/week independent contractor coders like a kind of Uber's taxi driver model?, "2016: A year in the life of the Lab"

Although I can't think of many examples of how this "independent contractor" taxi driver interacting person-to-person and place-to-place (relating in an open source way to the Uber database) model might work yet at World University and School (even with a planned realistic virtual earth with time slider), I wonder what the MIT Media Lab and Wikidata do in these regards.

And WUaS would like to hire students to work 10/hours per week in all 8k languages directly too, like Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Oxbridge do, but this could have a more direct link to revenue generation (as would the FTE academics we seek to hire in all 200 countries' main languages - as "Harvards" of the web).


Great ! Thanks, Joi! ... to ... and ... ... planned in all c ountries' languages ... ...

2016: A year in the life of the Lab


Curly bracken: How best to organize World University for 10 hours of work per week for anyone in each of all 8k languages, along the lines of hiring graduate students from highest achieving universities in all countries' languages for 10 hours/week work?, Something like the independent startup Uber taxi - and self-driving car - company, Begin holding meetings for 10/hour per week hiring in unprogrammed Quaker Meetings and Unitarian Churches around the U.S. and also in many countries? What would such folks do at WUaS? Add and create creatively to the wiki side of WUaS, but in conversation with WUaS facilitators?, How to make working 10/hours per week at WUaS as easy, and possibly as freeing, as driving a cab?



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