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Wildlife of Cameroon: Books published in obscure languages in Cameroon?, How? WUaS's Universal Translator conceptually, See, too, as it newly emerges -, Cameroon World University and School and "African languages" at WUaS

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Thanks for your email. Yes. Conceptually, marry Google Translate in ~100 languages with recent developments in AI with its Tensor Flow with Wikidata / Wiktionary (building out dictionaries) in its Wikipedia 358 languages, with Ethnologue's 7,097 living languages' register with Glottolog's 7,943 entries under languages, with the ISO's lists of languages - in relational databases. Add Google Hangouts' Youtube videos of anthropologists / linguists doing field work in all 7,097+ languages, synthesized into a developing realistic virtual earth with realistic avatars (with time slider, so conceptually like Google Streetview/Maps/Earth with time slider with OpenSimulator/Second Life planned for all 8k languages) for further language generation computationally. More here in blog posts in the "language" and other label  - And more here - - especially after CC World University and School (which is CC MIT OCW-centric in its 7 languages, and CC Yale OYC-centric) moves from our current Wikia wiki to one emerging from Wikidata possibly in MediaWiki. Thank you. 

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On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 10:51 AM, David Zeitlyn <> wrote:
Ok I'll bite. Is this serious? If so I'm really keen to see the books you publish in some of the obscure languages I work on in Cameroon. I'd buy them in Mambila or Kwanja even if I wont in English. But I am puzzled how you propose to do it since among other problems there arent dictionaries availble (I'm working on it but don’t hold your breath)

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