Thursday, July 6, 2017

Water: World Univ & Sch's open monthly business meeting on July 8, WUaS for credit classes begin end of August and at the end of September ...

Dear Universitians and friends, 

Thank you for your support of WUaS. 

Please join us at our open (hour-long) World University and School monthly business meeting this SaturdayJuly 8, 2017, at 9 am Pacific Time, electronically in a Google group video Hangout, if interested people email WUaS about this. Please email WUaS at this email address if you are interested in participating. 

World University's open monthly business meeting on July 8, 2017:


News and Agenda


WUaS for-credit classes begin end of August and at the end of September ... ...

World  University and School, which is CC MIT OCW- in its 7 languages and CC Yale OYC-centric, is offering MIT OCW-centric free accrediting university (and high school) degrees beginning with this WUaS Course Catalog - - first in English, but eventually in all countries' languages - beginning this autumn. Sign up here - - or invite students you know who might be interested to sign up. WUaS will offer 6 undergraduate majors - Computer Science, General Science, Engineering, History, English and Business - beginning this autumn. 

Attached are two monthly financial reports as the WUaS Corporation forks from World University & School. The WUaS Corp is seeking new Officers & Board.  World Univ & Sch now holds shares of the WUaS Corporation.

World Univ & Sch is meeting with Dr. Sanjeev Arora MD and members of his Project ECHO in early August, to explore collaboration re WUaS's online medical schools with teaching hospitals in all ~200 countries' languages; Stanford Medicine may join this meeting.  See -




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