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Trillium grandiflorum: Three biggest priorities for the 2017-2018 school year for World University and School educationally ... **** Re World University and School (as distinct from the WUaS Corporation - see below), **** Re WUaS Corporation (as distinct from World University and School - see above), WUaS Corp CEO search


World University and School 
(as distinct from the WUaS Corporation - see below)

Hi Scott,

I hope you are enjoying a well deserved and relaxing Summer break! Currently, I find myself inside a coffee shop overlooking a peaceful lotus garden in ChiangMai, Thailand. The birds are quietly chirping and the leaves are gently swaying in unison atop the large oak trees. I am at peace.

I hope you are also at peace.  

During this time of reflection, it is important we set goals. With the 2017-2018 school year rapidly approaching, what are your biggest priorities?

As a teacher leader with over ten years of experience in project- based learning development, I want to help you reach them! 

Please take 5 minutes to complete this brief survey to help me better understand your needs:

This survey will help me focus my blog posts, newsletters, webinars and tutorials on helping you and your school grow!

To your continued success! 

Kyle Wagner 
Project- Based Learning Coach, Transform Educational Consulting

e: kylewagner@transformschool.com | w: transformschool.com|


Dear Larry,

Off the top of my head, the following 3 priorities come to my mind. What for you come to mind on the World Univ & Sch side of WUaS?  I filled out part of Kyle's survey since it's mostly mostly not college oriented.

1 Get T off to a good start with two courses this autumn ... staggering their starts ... Graduate T perhaps with an accredited undergraduate degree in May or June ...

2 Explore adapting MIT OCW at the college level perhaps with a Project-Based Learning approach ... building on their projects/exams etc ...

3 Develop revenue streams for World Univ & Sch building a big team for this.



Dear Kyle and Larry,

And here are Larry's top 3 priorities ...

1 Get students this autumn (a cohort of online high achieving students)

2 Focus their MIT OCW academically

3 Develop a structure to offer them feedback, grading et al. for this.

The priorities I outlined are below ...



Hey Larry and Scott,

Sound like great goals. Would be interested to learn what kind
of feedback structures you are exploring for item #3.


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Hi Kyle (and Larry),

WUaS has long planned to add highest achieving (e.g. MIT and Stanford) graduate students seeking to become faculty to Google group video Hangouts and let them teach sections to the CC OCW MIT /Yale faculty in video, and do the assessments / grading.

- Here's the Feedback, "Assessment_and_Grading_at_WUaS_as_Part_of_Conversation_in_Learning" wiki subject page at WUaS - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Assessment_and_Grading_at_WUaS_as_Part_of_Conversation_in_Learning - and the wiki "Conference_Method_of_Teaching_and_Learning" subject page - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Conference_Method_of_Teaching_and_Learning - planned in all ~200 countries' official languages. As a wiki it allows all of us to add ideas (and in any languages). There's very little here about Feedback for Project-Based Learning yet. Inspiring URLs?

- Potentially add MIT OCW into Google Classroom/Education with their feedback resources (and with Google group video Hangouts)

- Innovate with machine learning and artificial intelligence in all ~200 countries' official languages

- Scale this for 1000s/10000s of students per language per year per degree (MIT OCW is in 7 languages with assignments and exams listed). Here is the WUaS Course Catalog - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VRHhXYsk-V9lvSh5onaU2hnEhwoapSN7HyBK1P09LIk/edit?usp=sharing re future adapting of feedback re machine learning in multiple languages.

- For example, in this MIT OCW Intro to Anthropology course - https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/anthropology/21a-00-introduction-to-anthropology-spring-2013/assignments/ - students would use the prompts here to write 3 2-page papers and 2 short 4-page research papers. Exams are separate - https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/anthropology/21a-00-introduction-to-anthropology-spring-2013/exams/. Feedback for MIT students themselves in his classes would come from Graham Jones (who also studied at Reed College like I did).

- And for "Introduction to Solid State Chemistry' - https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/materials-science-and-engineering/3-091sc-introduction-to-solid-state-chemistry-fall-2010/ - it looks like there's one exam, and WUaS - perhaps students - and/or MIT/Stanford/Google would have to build a realistic virtual earth for chemistry and experimentation for labs, which could be fascinating Project-Based Learning for these students, since they'd have to know this chemistry to code this world.

Larry is a chemistry professor at Chatham University in Pittsburgh (who went to MIT for undergraduate and Wisconsin for his Ph.D.) so his approach might reflect the feedback he gives on assignments in classes these days. Larry?

Thoughts, Kyle?


- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President

- World University and School
- http://worlduniversityandschool.org

- http://scottmacleod.com


Hey Scott and Larry,

The work sounds exciting. In essence, it seems you are trying to create a cohesive online course and platform for e- learning. 

A project- based approach to the delivery of the curriculum would ensure students stay engaged with the coursework while reaching real, tangible outcomes. Ongoing formative feedback is a part of that process- which is addressed as one of the modules in my PBL beginner course. 

With that said, since you are in the early stages of design for the Wikis, it might benefit you to beta test the PBL design course, which teaches you how to design a project; assess learning along the way; and offer ongoing feedback to help graduate students reach key milestones. 

Any interest in being a few of the beta testers?


Hi Kyle, 

I'm way overcommitted ... 

a) getting the new WUaS Wiki in our pilot languages of English, Chinese, Spanish and German up and running probably in Miraheze.org with Wikidata's 358 languages as a backend, 

b) beginning beta-testing of WUaS in Google Classroom/Education for students this autumn, and 

c) getting the newly incorporated WUaS Corporation functioning, again in WUaS's pilot languages, but planned in all 7099 living languages as academic markets, and 

d) WUaS doesn't have any monies - but if beta-testing could help WUaS get a cohort of high achieving 18 year olds (from feeder schools to California Polytechnic and perhaps feeder schools to all Cal States and even the UCs - as many as 15-20 or ideally 2000?) to begin studying online this autumn at WUaS in English for free accrediting CC MIT OCW-centric degrees, I'd consider seeking to help you beta-test. 

Best, Scott


WUaS Corporation 
(as distinct from World University and School - see above)

Thanks for your prompt reply, Julian, and great!

Here's the startup WUaS Corporation CEO search link - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2017/07/whorl-botany-wuas-corporation-president.html - (with a version with a little less information here - http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/2017/07/wuas-corporation-president-ceo-search.html - inside the first link). And also in the first link above, you'll find the "WUaS Corporation Business Plan in GDoc" - https://docs.google.com/document/d/12GqcLW_PrcCCQpwNKDF8AqNwtWxYMNUG1h-TfnpbPXw/edit?usp=sharing (which only focuses on the first 2 planned WUaS Corp revenue streams) - to which I've just invited you for sharing. (You'll also find a link to the 14-planned-WUaS-revenue-streams here - http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/2016/01/14-planned-wuas-revenue-streams.html ). And in these Minutes and Agenda for July 8, 2017 at World University & School Monthly Business Meeting you'll find the WUaS Corp Board members, CEOs and CFOs who aren't able to participate generally because they're over committed - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2017/07/dreich-minutes-and-agenda-for-july-8.html - but they could become resources at some point in the future - as culture, and potentially as resources. 
As you can see in the first link above, we'd like to ask the prospective startup WUaS Corp CEOs to send a 2 page personal statement:  Please send your CV, personal website URL, and a personal statement of no more than two pages that includes the applicant’s plans for developing this "WUaS Corporation Business Plan in GDoc". 

I'm posting below the invitation I've sent to number of prospective WUaS Corp CEOs as well. 

There's one other possible CEO I've heard about, a friend of a friend, - as the startup WUaS Corp continues its search. 

The WUaS Corporation is potentially a fascinating challenge, Julian (and potentially very remunerative too eventually) ... and it's an Educational Services' company, and to support World University and School itself - both planned eventually in all 7,099 living languages. 

The share compensation would be based on $100,000 per year, which for the autumn 4 months for about 10 hours/week would come to about 834 shares at $10/share. But part of what the CEO would do is launch the WUaS Corporation soon in order to make the shares worthwhile soon. In many ways, it's a remarkable one-time opportunity.

Thanks for your constructive attitude and I'll seek to respond to your specific questions soon, but I hope this will be helpful for you to get started in considering sending a personal statement about leading the for-profit general stock company WUaS Corporation side of WUaS as a whole, - where World University and School itself is structured as a non-profit in the U.S.A. partly re developing the motherlode of CC MIT OpenCourseWare (see the information about WUaS forking below). 


I'm writing to ask if you would be available to join the WUaS Corporation as the startup CEO? And WUaS has a great business plan and startup team developing:  

The WUaS Corporation is a new development and legal entity, and wing of World University and School. World University and School is like CC Wikipedia (in its 358 languages) with CC MIT OCW (in its 7 languages) and Yale OYC, and seeks to create major online universities in each of all ~200 countries' official and main languages - Harvards/MITs/Stanfords of the Web (as well as wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all living languages - 7,099 in Ethnologue). 

As the WUaS Corporation emerges, and as we file the legal paperwork for this (we've already filed the initial Articles of Incorporation on April 21 and the CA Statement of Information on July 18), I'm writing to inquire whether you would be available please to be the first (about 1/4 time) CEO for this for-profit company, forking from World University and School - http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/2016/01/14-planned-wuas-revenue-streams.html - for just a few hours per week/month? In the process of incorporating newly as a for-profit, the startup WUaS Corporation will be able to offer only shares to Officers. The potential growth of WUaS is significant. This is also potentially a remarkable career opportunity. 

The WUaS Corporation seeks to be in each of all ~200 countries and their official languages, and in all 8,444 languages (in Glottlog), as academic markets.  

If I can answer any questions, or provide you with further information on the phone or in other ways, please let me know. 

Thank you! 

Best regards, Scott


Hi Julian,

Thanks for the information about Podio.

1. WUaS Corp would be interested in creating workflow there with time, when we begin to generate revenue.

2.1 Great. As the founder and president / CEO of World University and School as non-profit itself, and since Larry is its CFO and Chair of the Board, (and acting CFO of the WUaS Corporation), you'd be, in a sense, reporting to us - but perhaps more specifically to the World University and School monthly business meeting (2nd Saturdays), until the WUaS Corporation develops its own probably monthly business meeting process - which you as potential WUaS Corp CEO be able to define in conjunction with the Nolo Press Bylaws.

2.2 In this startup time, WUaS has talked about WUaS allotting these shares at the end of the month - and see my previous email to you today about answers to your other questions. .

2.3 Beyond the WUaS Corp business plan I've already shared with you, WUaS Corporation's financial plan (selling shares, raising capital etc.) would be something you would head in consultation with us, and until we find a CFO potentially with access to a payroll firm that uses Quickbooks (and Multi-store and TurboTax) in English, Spanish, Chinese and German, which are the WUaS Corps' pilot languages this autumn and beyond.

2.4 Let's see how best to reach out to Julia Reda and Joi Ito with time. (Joi just had a baby and while I'm glad he responded to the WUaS Corp's invitation to be a strategic advisor, he's not available at this time to do this - but I think he's a remarkable contact nevertheless).

3. WUaS is seeking revenue soon, and seeks to grow at 11.5% per year. Retail bookstores get 40% of the list price on each book, and WUaS is seek to grow online bookstores in all countries, with one on the ground near each countries' great university - and as a Print-on-Demand Academic Press at WUaS for all 7099 languages, as one initial goal. A viable WUaS Corporation broadband development plan in each of all countries if it could become profitable immediately would be great too. If you could, in your 2 page personal statement, please respond to the issue of revenue generation re the Bookstore/ Academic Press, Broadband, as well as touching on the other planned revenue streams.

WUaS Corporation as an educational services company would seek to expand broadband first (to small then) to large bodies of students, who's governments could help reimburse World Univ & Sch for free CC MIT OCW online degrees, as well as help pay for broadband development for these students or areas. While WUaS is seeking highest achieving students - such as might come from Romania to go to MIT itself on the ground - WUaS also seeks to serve poorest countries and all countries in these regards. This could be an opportunity for high achieving Romanians in rural areas, as well as a fundraising opportunity from the EU itself.

3.1 My current download bandwidth ... is .10 Mbps and my upload is .52 ... when I pinged my connection, I got 101 ms.

As the possible CEO of the WUaS Corporation - and since I am the President of World University and School (which I see partly as a friendly/Friendly leading which will be able to help people with free universal education) - I hope I'd be able to support you in your potential work in leading the WUaS Corporation. (I'm hoping to begin having a family soon, but see for example my blog on eliciting "loving bliss" neurophysiology as one potential philosophical inquiry which I think you may somehow be asking about - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/loving%20bliss - and which is a long term focus of mine ).

In response to your last observation, thank you for your constructive attitude - which I too seek to have and share - in developing free highest quality CC MIT-centric and wiki online universal education. And I hope we can develop very good communication about all of this as it unfolds. Thank you, Julian!

Regards, Scott



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