Monday, January 8, 2018

Cirsium arvense: Saturday, January 13, 2018 - monthly business meeting for World University and School


Dear Universitians and friends,
The next open electronically-mediated hour-long monthly business meeting for World University and School is this upcoming Saturday, January 13, 2018, at 9:00 am PT - (and

Please email if you'd like to participate. 

Attached are the financial reports for a) World Univ & Sch and b) the WUaS Corp.


World University and School -

1- Develop further ways for World Univ & Sch and the WUaS Corporation to grow active teams that communicate well

2- Develop further approaches to individual MIT OCW courses as "independent studies" for credit, - perhaps in conjunction with MIT OCW into MITx?

3- World Univ & Sch's first matriculated class autumn 2017 continuing into 2018!

4- Accreditation - re free CC MIT OCW-centric degree focus, where WUaS in its MIT OCW-centricity seeks in the beginning to be a kind of a self-accrediting organization; as WUaS grows we're interested in exploring whether WUaS could collaborate with edX for their MIT OCW into MITx courses (i.e. and with regard to accreditation too. Here, the MIT OCW-centricity is the standard for self-accreditation, allowing for the development of creative computing learning environment, in all ~200 countries official languages, and wiki-wise in all 8,461 languages.

5- Google "Knowledge Panel" for World University and School, and for registered/matriculated students, Universitians in all 7,099 living languages as wiki editors, and indeed plan for all 7.5 billion people as learners in all ~200 countries in all 7,100 living languages, - in conjunction with Wikimedia for planned 7,099 languages by 2030

6- World Univ and Sch's home page - - is due for a remake and in planning for free CC OCW DEGREES, and WIKI schools in all 8,461 entries in languages on both the NP @WorldUnivAndSch and F-P @WUaSPress wings ... ...

7- Financial report - no change, but there was a donation in late December that will be reported in the next financial report

WUaS Corporation -

A- Google "Knowledge Panel" here too? - and for everything (stock, cryptocurrency, blockchain ledger, Universal Basic Income?), in conjunction with Wikimedia for planned 7,000 languages by 2030 - e.g. with conceptually a WUaS/Google/Starbucks' plastic card - Plan for listing the WUaS Corporation stock even stock on all ~200 countries' stock exchanges, and as model (with our WUaS law schools writing this code)

B- Shares and accountability of officers and board - A) please respond to me by email before I email the December shares, and to say that you'll plan to attend monthly business meetings; B) from now on we'd like to require you to attend monthly business meeting (2nd Saturdays) to participate in guiding this organization for which you are being paid in stock (which will have value when we go public), and hereafter we will distribute shares after each monthly monthly business meeting (for each month).

C- Shares and acting president, CFO et al.


(acting president of the WUaS Corp)


Here in this link - - and - - are the December 9, 2017 Monthly Business Meeting MINUTES for World University and School. 

I'm also including my Season's Greetings' letter - - as well.
All the best,


8 January 2018 - The next open electronically-mediated hour-long monthly business meeting for World University and School is this upcoming Saturday, January 13, 2018, at 9 am PT - - please email if you'd like to participate (in group video conferencing, or conference call).



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