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Crested macaque: Mission/goals of WUaS, A) Mission of World Univ & Sch B) Goals of WUaS Co, WUaS Corp as educational services company re World Univ & Sch, So much creative and generative potential here with the WUaS Corporation, Lead Director?, How soon can we go public?, Fascinating Harvard Law online talk this morning: "The “Monkey Selfie” Case: Can Non-Humans Hold Copyrights?"

There's so much creative and generative potential here with the WUaS Corporation, Di.

Here's the developing WUaS Corporation Business Plan in GDoc - https://docs.google.com/document/d/12GqcLW_PrcCCQpwNKDF8AqNwtWxYMNUG1h-TfnpbPXw/edit?usp=sharing.

How soon can we go public? - is one main guiding question (and if in each of all ~200 countries' languages, which first?).

Get an online bookstore (with academic press) up and running soon, in one country, and develop an all ~200 countries' plan.

You, as lead director?

Please feel free to invite possible Board members (we're aiming for 7 with portfolio diversity, skills' diversity, continent diversity and revenue-generating diversity - and ethnic diversity), and Officers e.g. CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, Head Admin?

Developing process between the World University and School monthly business meeting, and the WUaS Corp monthly board meeting - both hour-long only if we can do this. Both L and I would like to step back from the WUaS Corporation, as you may know, but we also have the history and trajectory in mind thus far - and I'd love to be able to talk over some months with an effective CEO and CTO etc with their growing teams ...

My talk proposal "World University and School: Online Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals in ~200 countries’ official languages" has been accepted for Stanford Medicine X around April 28th ... but WUaS doesn't really have the monies whatsoever to register for this conference, so it looks like I won't be able to do this at this point. Since I would give this talk in the Stanford Medical School, and re WUaS online medical schools with teaching hospitals with clinical care - all relating to WUaS Corps' hospital/STEM technologies in all ~200 countries (https://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/2017/06/wuas-corporations-10-planned-for-profit.html) - this could be a WUaS Corporation talk too. Part of a marketing plan?

"Knowledge Panel" re Google for the WUaS Corp ... when searched upon (search on B's Eye Institute where the K.P. is the box to the right) ... and open into the Google business world here - including planning potentially for a cryptocurrency with block chain ledger, since WUaS has an all ~200 countries' official languages' plan, and all 7,099 living languages' plan (and possibly for listing on all ~200 stock markets in their countries) - and re hospital insurance too? WUaS is planning online law schools for this, and hopes that both Stanford Medicine OCW and Law OCW in each of all ~200 countries' languages will emerge on the nonprofit CC-4 (MIT) OpenCourseWare World University and School wing.

See you soon. Thank you.

All the best, Scott


Thanks, Di,

Will do. With you as potential lead director, please think of items to add to the agenda (which will emerge from my email below yesterday).

Since this is basically the 2nd WUaS Corp Board meeting (the first one having occurred in August 2017), and WUaS Co plans to allot shares to Board members for participation (see recent World Univ & Sch minutes) at A) Board meetings, and B) meetings between Board and Officers, I'll plan to invite K and L (as acting WUaS Co CFO) to this meeting on Wednesday electronically, but not J at this time (since he's an officer), and let the Board arrange when next to meet with J or a new CEO. J is still the titular CEO of WUaS Co, but could move to become the European WUaS Co CEO, the Romanian WUaS Co CEO, or the head of translation of the Academic Press, for example.

And C) WUaS would like to begin hiring Stanford graduate students and post-docs soon - grow our team. For example, I met at a far-reaching Stanford talk this morning, Jiemen Jiang, who could help code the realistic virtual universe for physics' questions. (Jiemen was Rami Younis' first Ph.D. student at the University of Tulsa - https://events.stanford.edu/events/746/74629/ - and Rami has 3 degrees from  Stanford, and both are physics' quants and coders, I think).

Let's add these three items to the agenda as well - much to do in an hour.

Best, Scott
(acting President / Presiding Clerk of the WUaS Co)


Hi Di, 

Thanks for your helpful agenda. Outlining some initial responses to your agenda in advance below.  Please remember that there are two legal entities here: A) the for profit general stock company, the WUaS Corp and B) the nonprofit 501 (c) (3) World University and School. The WUaS Corp is an educational services company for World Univ & Sch. 

1. Review mission/goals of WUaS: how are we different from other similar organizations

WUaS Corporation plans to generate 11.5% annual returns (and also plans to parallel the long term average of the S&P 500) in perpetuity, around these 10 planned for profit revenue streams - http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/2017/06/wuas-corporations-10-planned-for-profit.html (out of 14 total for World University and School) - in each of all ~200 countries and in all 7,099 living languages, each an academic market. While the WUaS Corporation is a separate legal entity with a separate Board and Officers, these are all educational services in support of wiki CC MIT OCW-centric and CC Yale OYC-centric World University and School - http://worlduniversityandschool.org - which has a several trillion dollars’ endowment goal. (WUaS Corporation Business Plan in GDoc - https://docs.google.com/document/d/12GqcLW_PrcCCQpwNKDF8AqNwtWxYMNUG1h-TfnpbPXw/edit?usp=sharing)

World University and School's mission:

"World University and School's mission is free education, courses, and degrees in all known languages. World University and School (http://worlduniversityandschool.org - like Wikipedia with best CC OpenCourseWare) seeks also to facilitate all levels of teaching and learning through open, editable wikis. WUaS plans to accredit at the university and high school levels to offer online degrees and diplomas in all countries' main languages. WUaS’s wiki will involve open and editable teaching and learning but also non-editable courses prepared under a Creative Commons’ license. WUaS will facilitate the use of free CC courses as credits toward degrees. Due to the rapid spread of broadband worldwide, WUaS plans to make this accessible to underserved parts of the world and to poor people everywhere. WUaS will explore the possibility of using universal translators to extend the project automatically to any language with time." (http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University_Foundation)
World University and School is also like Wikipedia in 299 languages with CC-4 MIT OCW in 5 languages, and seeks to develop in all ~200 countries' official languages as major online degree-granting universities - for online Bachelor, Ph.D., law, M.D. and I.B. high school degrees - and in all 7,099 living languages as wiki schools for open teaching and learning. 

While there aren't any other organizations I know of like this, the WUaS Corp seeks to create academic markets in all 7,099 living languages. 

2. Current board/faculty members and their duties

Current board members for the WUaS Corp include you and K W. Current faculty on the World Univ & Sch side include myself and L V. Current Board of Trustee members on the non profit side include - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University_Foundation - and are inactive. 

3. current funding

I'm attaching both wings' recent financial report. 

4. what we need to grow in the short term

WUaS Corporation seeks to begin to generate revenue, and may explore doing this with an online bookstore / academic press. 
Perhaps "Knowledge Panels" in Google for both wings, with I.T. infrastructure emerging from this. 

5. how to recruit

Pay for performance, listing jobs on our new wiki, nation state by nation state - https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/Nation_States - with Wikipedia / Wikimedia Foundation as a model.  

See you tomorrow, and thank you so much for your WUaS Co board engagement. 

All the best, Scott
(Acting president of the WUaS Corporation)

- WUaS Corporation's current web site: 

- World University and School's current web site: 

Fascinating Harvard Law online talk this morning:

Harvard Law: berkman klein luncheon series
The “Monkey Selfie” Case: Can Non-Humans Hold Copyrights?
featuring Jon Lovvorn (HLS), Jeff Kerr (PETA), and a panel of experts on copyright, cyber law, and intermediary liability issues
  https://cyber.harvard.edu/events/2018/luncheon/01/monkeyselfie … online now - to WUaS /Law


WUaS Law wiki subject -



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