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Old-growth forest: Calling All Poets, Ekphrasis, Allman Bros or the Grateful Dead (which musics can get me into a kind of wonder-zone, as can Basho's haiku), Continue to explore how to create a virtual Harbin experience in a realistic virtual world (aspects of poetry here), Poetry wiki subject at WUaS planned in all ~200 countries' languages, and indeed in all 7,099 living languages ~

Hi Tim and Susan!

Thanks so much, and very nice to meet you on New Year's Eve, Susan!

Here's my very recently published book of poetry ~

and Other Loving Hippy Harbin Poetry"

( ).

Found this about your poetry -

While there's also some of my poetry in my much larger book and actual-virtual ethnography

"Naked Harbin Ethnography:
Hippies, Warm Pools, Counterculture, Clothing-Optionality & Virtual Harbin"


... where Tim and I visited Harbin together in January 2012, :) ...

the ekphrasis - as a vivid, often dramatic, verbal description of a visual work of art, either real or imagined - of my poetry and poetic books will further emerge around the growth of

a realistic virtual
Harbin Hot Springs, which you can visit here ~ 
and "WALK" down the road 4 miles to Middletown, California, 

(in one form) ~ even while heading back to actual Harbin, after some of its trees grow back. Tim, when are we going to head back to Harbin together?

What are you writing about these days, Susan?


some other books / published writings here:


Hi Susan, and Tim,

Great to hear from you as well, Susan! And thank you, Tim, for connecting us!

Sounds like you make writing poetry a very social process. Is a modern haiku something that diverges stylistically from Basho's for example - (which I found by searching on Basho's most beautiful Haiku ... translation of Haiku being a different question)? I'd like to use my new "Haiku-ish" book to explore translation even (both machine translation for poetry in the @WUaSPress with time even, but also into German, which language I know, and have played with translation in as well). While there are 50 of Basho's Haiku here above, I just came across Basho's "The Narrow Road Through the Deep North" (1694) translated first in 1966 into
English, which also looks great ( ).

And, creatively, I've never read Basho while listening, for example, to the Allman Bros or the Grateful Dead (which musics can get me into a kind of wonder-zone, as can Basho's haiku) ... to heighten a reading of Basho's haiku, let alone with Zen Buddhist music or other kinds of
music that move me a lot ... but doing something like this would be an interesting direction to head in. Tim and I may have touched on Zen 'non-thinking' at Reed in the early '80s a little.

In a kind of related vein, I've enjoyed re Basho and music, and a kind of poetry, do you know Robbie Basho's North American Raga -

Robbie Basho - A North American Raga (The Plumstar) - which is cool in these regards, and even a little re a kind of poetry in this, and also playing in innovative ways with Indian raga and American '60s acoustic guitar.

While Harbin is still closed due to a devastating fire in Sept 2015 which razed it, I continue to explore how to create a virtual Harbin experience in a realistic virtual world (aspects of poetry here). And in a parallel way, seems like I can hear better Grateful Dead experiences on Youtube these days, cherry-picking even their 1965-1979ish music (which I enjoy more than their 1980-1995 music) ...

Grateful Dead - Dark Star_China Cat Sunflower_The Eleven_Feedback 1-17-68

... or better Allman Bros music in video (especially since Duane Allman died around 1971) ... than I can with either of their many offshoots live or online, except that Derek Trucks with Greg Allman et al manage to get "there" in the contemporary - to a kind of wonderzone - here and related in 2009 ...

The Allman Brothers Band - HD (40th Anniversary - Full Concert)

 ... which recalls newly and creatively the Allman Brothers' soaring musically in the late 1960s ...

Your travels to the Napa Valley sound fun ... writing group-wise eventually too? :)

Nice to be in touch. Tim are you heading to making newly a kind of "poetry" in music with time?


Poetry wiki subject at WUaS planned in all ~200 countries' languages, and indeed in all 7,099 living languages ~



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