Friday, April 17, 2009

Clear Mountain Lake: 'High' When Bagpiping, Flow, Self-Generated Feedback Loop

Sometimes I get to a kind of 'high' when bagpiping ~ when my playing is 'rocking,' that is, when I'm playing well ~ as if series of sounds, or, lines of code, create 'flow: the psychology of optimal experience' experiences. It's the hearing what I'm playing in the 'now,' as a kind of immediate feedback loop to my bodymind through sound, which is what creates this kind of 'high.' And because I'm doing it, it's like a closed-loop self-generated 'flow' experience, so, potentially, I can modulate, create and shape these 'flow' and bliss experiences, depending on which tunes I play, how I play them, and whether I begin to improvise, or not. {... Sounds like computer sounds are getting me high. ... Isn't this what a symphony composition is?:}

I'm writing about this, because I think this way of thinking and playing offers modes for, and engages potential conversations about, human-created enjoyment, where people might begin to cultivate flow and bliss in each person's unique way, ~ with awareness and intention, through practice. In my experience, playing an instrument offers more potential avenues to self-generated flow than, for example, playing a musical recording (which can also lead to rich 'flow').

I think eliciting this bliss also confirms my belief that we have agency and choice in life.


Duncan Johnstone's piping compositions have a je ne sais quoi ~ and a rollicking beauty {... like a specific, elephant seal's calls?}

Many of his tunes are simply great. The Scottish Bagpipe has only 9 notes, but Duncan, as well as wee Donald MacLeod, for example, did something pretty uniquely wonderful with these few notes, and within the idiom of bagpiping, which also expresses a wonderful aspect of the Scottish character.


How to articulate these 'flow' experience processes above with loving bliss?

And metaphorically - when music isn't playing (no recording is audible) - how to elicit, {agency-wise}, loving bliss?


Music in Contact Improv is a great metaphor ...

Find music (specific recordings) which elicits loving bliss f0r yourself ...

Remember this when contact jamming in silence {and/or while listening to recordings} ...

then loving bliss contact jamming with others can emerge ...

then jam with people one loves and who love you ...

And MMmmm ... the beginning of growing loving bliss Contact Improv :)

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